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2016 08 10 Hallows Eve



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When sourcing the press information each year for titles at Horror Channel Frightfest, it becomes apparent from certain quarters just how new some of the films are. While many have all their ducks in a row and can provide a full set of publicity images, a preview copy of the film and are happy to sit for interviews, other filmmakers are still beavering away getting the final edits or post production of their film ready for the August festival. One such title that's going to the wire for its world premiere is the British horror movie Hallows Eve.

The brainchild of writer/director Brad Watson and cinematographer Robert Horwell, the film is Watson's love letter to the films of John Carpenter and other horrors from the late 70s and early 80s. 

"There is no doubt the movie wears its influences proudly on its sleeve, but the hope is that through this aesthetic, we are telling a very different kind of story" Brad says, adding "the atmosphere of those movies is in my blood, so I felt a natural inclination to go there, but hopefully when the movie is over, our characters and story evolve out of that framework into something else entirely. Well, that's the idea anyway"

When Horwell first read the script he was on board immediately, saying "I saw straight away what Brad was getting at with this script, and the chance to do something cinematic that doesn't betray the tight budget we were going to do this on. I think we clicked immediately with the visual style. I suggested the lens and grip capability I could bring to the project and we figured out how to maximise these to give the movie the look we were after."

The film began shooting in February this year after funding was successfully secured after proof-of-concept footage impressed investors. Robert concludes, "What we achieved shows what is possible with the right team that have not only the right elements to bring, but the right spirit and determination to get things going, which has always been the driving force behind my company, Indie Film"

"It's a question of what can we each bring to the party" Brad sums up, "Bob with the entire Camera and lighting package, plus his skills as a DP and operator, and my script, direction and editing - oh and the score - yes I am embracing the full on 'Carpenter-ness' of this project - and hopefully we have come up with a way to get things done!"

Hallows Eve Links: Director's Official Website | Facebook

Hallows Eve receives its world premiere on 27th August at 10.45pm in Discovery Screen 2. For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html


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