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Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary UK Premiere at Arrow Films Frightfest 2019

I'm a sucker for an outlandish title, especially so when the accompanying trailer looks like some kind of Portuguese language equivalent to Peter Jackson's Braindead, which is exactly the situation you get with Fabrício Bittar’s Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary. The film had a release in its native Brazil in 2018 and was seen by over 200,000 movie fans.

It is described as a 'horror tribute with lots of comedy' with a list of references that spans The Exorcist through Dawn of the Dead to The Wizard of Oz. The film follows a group of hapless YouTube ghost hunters who try to prove that ghosts are real, even though they've never actually found any. In September 2019 a 10-episode spin-off TV series, backed by Warner Bros, will begin shooting


Four YouTubers with expertise in supernatural events are seeking recognition from their audience whilst solving the urban legend of Bloody Mary, the spirit that haunts the school’s bathroom in Brazil.

Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary receives its premiere on Saturday 24th August in the Main Screens. For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html

Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary Links: Instagram | Director Fabrício Bittar on Twitter


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Arrow Films FrightFest, the UK’s biggest genre film festival, runs from Thursday 22nd August to Monday 26th August at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square and the Prince Charles Cinema. The full line up was announced on Thursday July 4th. Festival and day passes go on sale from Saturday July 6th. Tickets for individual films are on sale from Saturday July 20th.

Frightfest Links: website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Arrow Video Links: website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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