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Grimm Up North proudly opened its doors for the 2011 festival last night, and who better to do such a thing, than ghost hunter Yvette Fielding! Charlotte Stear got a chance to chat all things creepy with the Most Haunted star as she prepared to open this year’s festival.

Charlotte Stear: Hi Yvette! Are you doing any more Ghost Hunting?

Yvette Fielding: We are, but it is a matter of waiting for the right talent! We recently went with the guys from The Only Way is Essex and do you know what, they were really, really nice! There was some squealing about extensions but they were so lovely.

CS: So, have you really seen supernatural things?

YF: Oh yes of course! I’ve seen things, I’ve heard things …I’ve seen things that scientist can’t explain sound waves, EVP, where they have said, "Well this isn’t human or animal" and for me, to hear a scientist say that he can’t explain it, is really something.

CS: You’ve been ghost hunting for a while now haven’t you? How has it affected you?

YF: Yes, ten years. I mean, nobody knows really what happens when we die …when I started I was the complete opposite to what I am now, I didn’t believe anything and I was agnostic and now I totally believe that there is life after death. I totally believe that when we die our souls go on and for me, it’s made me a better person. There has been one medium that really got me, I cremated my father on the Friday and I flew out to America the next day to do filming on the Sunday and this medium took me to one side and said, “Your dad’s here he wants to say thank you so much for the American Flag that you placed around him and the cowboy hat and the cowboy boots.” Nobody knew about any of those things I had done, there wasn’t much time for anyone to know either,  and then he went on to tell me other personal things. For me, that helped me grieve - knowing that he’s not just a pile of ash, he’s gone somewhere else.

CS: What is your favourite horror film?

YF: Poltergeist is a fantastic film! But the weird thing is, I can’t watch that movie now, the television bit especially, I have sat with a television and asked, “Is there anybody there?” and I’ve seen the television go off, and in the moment it's fine, but then you go back home and it’s all you can think about.

CS: So you still get scared then?

YF: Oh yes! I love horror movies, I love everything about them, but I have to sit with my hands over my face for most of them. And when we do things like a Ouija board, you’re remembering things you saw from a film. I remember one castle we went into, the owner said to me, “Now don’t let him (the ghost) in to your mind! Anything that you fear he will try out and use.” The people that worked there, all their fears had been used against them, one girl was claustrophobic and she got trapped in a cupboard for two hours. I was sat there in front of Ouija board trying to keep my head clear!

CS: What have been your scariest experiences while filming?

YF: When we were filming in Philadelphia, that was really scary. We had two American crew members collapsed and another was scratched, I saw the scratches…when people say ghosts can’t hurt you, they’re wrong, I’ve seen it! I’ve also seen legs, in real old fashioned attire, walking up the stairs with no body attached to them, three of us all at the same time saw him, he was kind of in slow motion we all saw exactly the same thing! We were too busy screaming to get the camera!


CS: Thanks so much for spending time with Horror DNA


YF: You're welcome!



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Charlotte is a lover of all things spooky and macabre. If she's not reading Shirley Jackson or Stephen King, she's watching The Lost Boys for the millionth time. She loves to travel, mainly to places that are super haunted in the hopes of meeting some friendly ghosts.
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