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Horror Fans Christmas Gift Guide 2012 (UK Edition)

Written by Daniel Benson

It's almost that time of year again when you need to start looking for the perfect gift for the cult movie fan in your life. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are past and the shopping centres are starting to resemble something from Dawn of the Dead, so sit back and have a read of our Christmas Gift Guide that will keep any fan of the strange and macabre happy on the big day. And the best thing is, you won't even need to leave the house to buy any of this stuff, it's all available online with a few clicks of your mouse.

Walking Dead Shirt

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Walking Dead T-Shirt by Headshot Clothing

It's cool to like The Walking Dead again, right? The naysayers who slated Season 2 for too much talking and lack of zombie ass-kicking have eaten humble pie for the current series as the group of survivors chop, slash, stab and shoot their way across an undead-infested wasteland. The recent MCM Expo in Birmingham brought Headshot Clothing to my attention, and their subtle Walking Dead design. Blending the lone figure of the Season 1 poster with the stars and stripes (and zombie hands) it's the perfect way to demonstrate your love for the show. For fans of old school gore, also check out their Japanese Brain Dead design, bringing together to awesomeness of Peter Jackson's gorefest and cool kanji.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Headshot Clothing
How much does it cost?: £20
Where can I buy it?: Headshot

Zombie Boot Camp

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Horror Experiences

Following on from The Walking Dead, ever fancied yourself as a budding Rick Grimes? Van Helsing? Well now you can immerse yourself into the world of your favourite horror foe with a selection of experience days based around movie monsters. You can head to a veriety of locations (including a shopping centre - nice!) to fight zombies, sharpen your stakes for a vampire hunt, polish your silver bullets to track and kill werewolves or get your fear on with a ghost hunters experience. Not for the faint hearted, but an awesome day out for horror fans. Take a friend. And some spare underwear.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Various
How much does it cost?: £59 - £250 depending on experience booked.
Where can I buy it?: Buy-a-gift

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote

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Time Lord of the TV

If you've ever dreamt of being a Time Lord, but couldn't actually be arsed to get off the sofa and go and save the universe continually, then the ideal compromise comes in the shape of the officially licensed Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote Control. It learns from your existing remote and provides endless minutes of entertainment until you lose it down the side of the cushions, just like a regular remote. Extra points if you use it to switch over to the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Craftsmen of the planet Gallifrey
How much does it cost?: £59.99
Where can I buy it?: Find-me-a-gift (£55.99)

Sincere Warning

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Personalised Horror Story

There's no better way to express your love for someone than sending them a sinister letter warning them of a paranormal entity co-habiting their home. Writer Jason Arnopp (whose excellent novella Beast in the Basement was reviewed here) has a novel (ha!) new concept for a scary story.

Available as an e-book or a personalised letter delivered to a subject of your choice, A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home is guaranteed to strike the heebie-jeebies into anyone and pump their festive break full of skin-crawling fear. Now where did I put my mother-in-law's address? Act quick though, time is short for guaranteed delivery of Christmas frights.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Jason Arnopp
How much does it cost?: £0.96 (e-book) / £12.99 letter
Where can I buy it?: Scaryletter.com

American Mary

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Stitch Bitch

Technically this next item doesn't belong on the Christmas list as it's not available until January 2013, but it's so damn good that just a print-out of the pre-order would fill the black heart of any horror fan with glee. I'm talking about the Soska Sisters' American Mary that hits UK DVD and Blu-ray in the new year after a short theatrical tour with the sisters and star Katherine Isabelle in tow. American Mary tells the story of a young medical student who becomes involved in the dark and fascinating world of body modification to earn a living. It's such a shame that it doesn't have a wider theatrical release, as it's independent horror that would have mainstream appeal as well as being a cut above the usual dumbed-down Hollywood fayre that infests the multiplexes.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Universal
How much does it cost?: £9.70 (DVD) / £11.20 (Blu-ray)
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK - DVD | Blu-ray

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Head

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Zombie Head Cooking Pot

OK, it's a kids toy, but Doctor Dreadful's Zombie Head looks cocking brilliant. It's a zombie head that you make sweets in! How much cooler could you get? Forget about sitting and sifting through the leftover orange and strawberry cremes in the Quality Street tin, make your own sweet treats and eat them out of a decomposing head. The blurb says you can eat bubbling brains, drink zombie barf and slurp slimey bugs. Suitable for kids aged five and up. Or Dads of a similar mental age.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Spin Master
How much does it cost?: £22.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK

Monster Movie Kit

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Make Your Own Damn Movie

Well George Romero has certainly gone off the boil with his Dead series, so why not have a crack yourself? The Zombie Movie Making Kit contains everything you could possibly need to make your own undead classic including a film backdrop scene and various types of zombies, survivors and a variety of gruesome looking props there's even an app to add special effects. And if you're not a fan of zombies then there are also Monster Movie and Sci-Fi Movie kits available.


Who makes this awesome thing?: Paladone
How much does it cost?: £5.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK - Zombie | Monster | Sci-Fi

Simpsons Top Trumps

Top Trumps of Terror

Remember the days when kids used to find entertainment in things that weren't electronic? Seems a long time ago, but one game from my childhood that's still going strong is Top Trumps. You can now satisfy your nostalgia, horror fandom and introduce your kids to a non-powered form of distraction with Top Trumps The Simpsons Horror Edition. Tremble in fear as you deal the cards and prepare to do battle in the graveyard. Will the blood-sucking Count Burns out-evil goat-legged, horned-head Devil Ned? Will Witch Marge out-think the brains-sucking Zombie Homer? There's only one way to find out. But will the kids put down the Xbox controllers long enough?

Who makes this awesome thing?: Top Trumps
How much does it cost?: £3.79
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK

Bloody Shower Curtain

click image to enlarge

Norman Bates' Bathroom

I've always looked at my bathroom and thought, "We really need a bloodstained shower curtain". That need has now been filled with this nifty bathroom accessory that stops the carpet getting wet and provides a bloody handprint design to admire while you wash your dangly bits. And if your significant other complains about it not matching, point them in the direction of the co-ordinating hand towel and bath mat with bloody footprints.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Spinning Hat
How much does it cost?: £12.30 (Curtain) / £11.68 Bath Mat / £8.39 Hand Towel
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK - Shower Curtain | Mat | Towel

Christopher Lee Socks

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Hammer Hosiery

And finally, no Christmas list would be complete without a pair of socks. But not any old socks, oh no. These are socks with Christopher Lee in The Curse of Frankenstein on them. Officially licensed by Hammer Studios. If you want more Christopher Lee sock action, be sure to pick up the Taste the Blood of Dracula design too.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Hammer
How much does it cost?: £2.49
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK - Frankenstein | Dracula


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