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‘Tis the season to be jolly, but shopping for gifts can make you feel far from that. And what if you’re shopping for a horror fan? Well the high street isn’t going to provide much to get them excited. Sure, maybe a DVD or Blu Ray, but nothing that’s going to whip your chosen gift recipient into a frenzy of geekdom. That’s where the World Wide Web comes in, they have shops and everything. I know! It’s crazy! So here’s Horror DNA’s Christmas gift guide for the UK. Everything a horror fan could possibly want for Christmas.

Note: Although this guide is based on UK retailers, all will ship overseas, so don't let a little old ocean put a dampener on your Christmas shopping. A guide based on USA retailers is coming very soon.

The Best of Cult Sci-Fi Box Set

Best Of Cult Sci Fi Boxset

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Christmas is a time for family, so slapping on a copy of the latest Saw movie might not go down well with the kids or the grandparents. However, if you fancy a family-friendly slice of cult movie goodness, this box set from Universal is rated PG so there’s nothing that should upset the folks. Featuring some of the best sci-fi classics, including The Creature From The Blue Lagoon, It Came From Outer Space and The Incredible Shrinking Man plus a wealth of special features, this is the ultimate present for every cult movie geek.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Universal
How much does it cost?: RRP £19.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK (£11.99)

The Hammer Vault

Hammer Vault

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Written and compiled by the official Hammer Films historian Marcus Hearn, this remarkable journey through the Hammer Vault includes props, annotated script pages, unused poster artwork, production designs, rare promotional material and private correspondence. Hundreds of rare and previously unseen stills help to create a rich souvenir of Hammer’s legacy, from the X certificate classics of the 1950s to the studio’s latest productions. Featuring exclusive contributions from the actors and filmmakers associated with the company, this is the most lavish book ever published on the legendary House of Horror.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Titan Books
How much does it cost?: RRP: £29.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK (£17.98)

Tru Blood

Tru Blood Drink

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If you’re a fan of proper nasty vampires, not the sparkly wimpy ones, then you’re probably a fan of TV’s True Blood. Now the fictional Tru Blood drink featured in the show has been made reality into a carbonated blood-orange drink. Warning: Does not contain synthesised blood and cannot be used as a food source for vampires.

Who makes this awesome thing?: OCP
How much does it cost?: RRP: £3.99
Where can I buy it?: Forbidden Planet (£3.59)

Zombies: 2012 The Year of Infection Calendar

Zombies 2012 Calendar

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If this colourful wall calendar is to be believed, 2012 will be the year of infection. What better way to cross off the days since patient zero went a bit munchy and started eating his doctors? Based on the best-selling book by Don Roff and illustrator Chris Lane, it includes illustrations and text featuring the very best of zombies, including death, reanimation, deterioration and, of course, bites.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Andrews McMeel-Universe
How much does it cost?: RRP: £9.99
Where can I buy it?: Forbidden Planet (£8.99)

Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks

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Socks are a staple (crap) gift for the holiday season, so how about a pair of Zombie Socks that are bound to appeal to a horror fan? Cotton rich with Spandex for stretch and comfort, they feature a unique zombie design, interspersed with little brains. Adorable.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Sock it to Me
How much does it cost?: RRP: £7.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon UK (£5.70)

Haddonfield Mental Institute T-Shirt

Haddonfield Halloween Tshirt

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Nothing says “I worry about your mental health from watching all these movies” more than a reference to a famous movie sanitarium. So why not give the gift of intervention with the Haddonfield Smith’s Grove Sanitarium t-shirt from Arcane Movie Tees? Your giftee will be delighted with their slice of John Carpenter’s Halloween, and you get the satisfaction of suggesting they maybe go outside for a while and interact with real people.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Arcane Movie Tees
How much does it cost?: RRP: £15.00
Where can I buy it?: Arcane Movie Tees (£12.00)

Icons of Horror: McFarlane’s Monsters

Mcfarlane Monsters 3 Pack

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I used to be happy with an Action Man figure for Christmas, but this classic horror deluxe action-figure pack brings three of monsterdom's most horrific monstrosities in a limited-edition boxed set. Originally released as part of their very first assortment of McFarlane's Monsters action figures, these fan-favourite creatures of the night are practically guaranteed to induce the heeby-jeebies.

Who makes this awesome thing?: McFarlane Toys
How much does it cost?: RRP: £34.99
Where can I buy it?: Undead Honeymoon (£30.70)

Resident Evil Mug

Resident Evil Kijuju Mug

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What better way to sip your Christmas brew than in this Resident Evil Kijuju Thermal Mug? When hot liquid is poured into the mug, a different design is revealed. This makes a cool (or should that be hot?) and unusual gift for any Resident Evil fan.

Who makes this awesome thing?: NECA
How much does it cost?: RRP: £14.99
Where can I buy it?: Undead Honeymoon (£12.45)

The Exorcist Regan Possessed Deluxe Box Set

Exorcist Bed Set

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“Your mother cooks socks in hell!” – at least that’s what the sprouts taste like when she over-boils them. NECA has produced this excellent looking Exorcist deluxe box set, featuring a bed-restrained Regan. Flick a switch on the back and her little noggin will spin round 360° just like in the film. Measures over 7” long, almost 6” across and over 5” tall. Pea soup not included.

Who makes this awesome thing?: NECA
How much does it cost?: RRP: £29.99
Where can I buy it?: Undead Honeymoon (£27.95)

Outpost #31 T-Shirt

Outpost 31 The Thing Tee

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Nothing like a bit of snow to make the Christmas holidays feel even more festive, but I doubt the scientists of the Outpost #31 Antarctic Research Station were so thrilled about the pure white landscape. With the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing, there’s never been a more fitting time to snap up this movie inspired t-shirt from Last Exit To Nowhere. And if you need a matching baseball cap they do that too.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Last Exit To Nowhere
How much does it cost?: RRP (shirt): £18 / RRP (cap): £12
Where can I buy it?: Shirt: Last Exit to Nowhere
Cap: Last Exit To Nowhere


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