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It's a not-so-well-known secret that DJ hates the Yanks. While he did a spectacular job with his Christmas gift guide for the UK, he left us Americans out in the cold. Lucky for you, James and I were ready for this act of aggression and prepared our own list for our U.S. readers.

So, without further ado, here is Horror DNA's Christmas gift guide for the U.S.

Note: Like our UK gift guide, although this is (mostly) based on US retailers, most - if not all - will ship overseas.

Steve's Picks


Delirium Book Club

Delirium Book Club 2011

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For the wine lover on your list, you get them a wine of the month package. Same with beer, cigar, coffee, and more. So why not get your reader a book of the month gift from Delirium Books? Or, rather, two books a month. Because that’s how Delirium rolls.

Now I’m sure you have other book-of-the-month options, but when you go with Delirium, you are supporting independent press as well as have the opportunity to be introduced to new authors and enjoy something from an established author.

You have two options with pricing. The first is $552 for 24 limited edition hardcover novellas. This seems steep, but you are really only paying $23 a book that will hold its value for years to come. However, if that’s just out of your range, there is also an eBook option that runs $70 (or $2.92 an eBook).

Who makes this awesome thing?: Delirium Books
How much does it cost?: $552.00 (physical copy) / $70.00 (eBook)
Where can I buy it?: Darkfuse.com

Amity Island T-Shirt

Amity Island Tshirt

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What horror fan doesn’t love a shirt from their favorite movie? I certainly do and I have a packed closet to prove it. But sometimes you just want to be subtle with your love of horror. Grandma might frown upon your blood splattered Evil Dead shirt at Sunday brunch. This is why I love the Amity Island T-Shirt from TShirtBordello.com. It’s got a great ‘70s look to it, comes with a free Amity Island floating keychain when you buy it and I can show my love of Jaws at just about any function without judgmental frowns.

Who makes this awesome thing?: TShirtBordello.com
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $14.99
Where can I buy it?: TShirtBordello.com

The Basement Box Set


The Basement Box Set

click image to enlarge

You know that collector who has seemingly seen every horror film known to man, including ones never released? They have always been impossible to buy for since they have a collection of movies that only rivals God’s. Until now.

Camp Motion Pictures, a specialist in ‘80s and ‘80s-style cinema, has released a five feature film collection in a pretty cool VHS Collector’s Pacakge. The set contains: The Basement (on both DVD and VHS), Video Violence 1 & 2, Captives, and Cannibal Campout. The set is packed with special features, including commentaries for all the films, outtakes, short films, interviews and more.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Camp Motion Pictures
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $34.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon.com ($22.99)

Dark Stars Rising


Dark Stars Rising Trashfiend

click image to enlarge

Nowadays, the word “cult” is thrown about with complete disregard to its meaning, having lost much of its power since it was first coined way back in 1923. I’m of course talking out of my ass because I have no idea when it was first uttered. The point is that anytime I see the phrase “new cult classic” on a DVD cover or poster, I want to strangle the person that wrote it because they don’t know what the word means. However, Shade Rupe, author of Dark Stars Rising, knows what the word means. 500+ pages of interviews with people who live on the cusp of mainstream culture make for a very enjoyable read (see our review here). People like Divine, Jim Van Bebber, Chas Balun, Crispen Glover and more make this book a must purchase for those who like a little of the abnormal with their read.

While you can purchase Dark Stars Rising at Amazon, I highly suggest you don’t. I know this is the US gift guide, but if you pick up the book at Headpress, they will throw in a copy of Trashfiend absolutely free. Be a hero with two gifts instead of one! Don't worry about shipping either. While Headpress is in the UK, they have distributors in the US, so shipping starts at a very reasonable $2.95. DO IT.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Headpress
How much does it cost?: RRP: £15.99 (~$25.00 for both books.)
Where can I buy it?: Headpress

Intruder Blu-ray

Intruder Blu Ray Cover

click image to enlarge


Let’s face it, mostly anything from the Synapse catalogue is a safe purchase for horror fans with a taste of grindhouse and underground films. But right now Synapse has an extra special deal going on. If you purchase the Intruder blu-ray from their site, they are throwing in at no charge a copy of the workprint! This is a limited time item and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So make that gift extra special with something that won’t be available for long.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Synapse Films
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $29.95
Where can I buy it?: Synapse Films

Dracula Coffee Mug


Hammer Dracula Mug

click image to enlarge

When your giftee is running that late night marathon of movies, he or she is going to need some java to keep the energy going and what better cup to drink from than a Dracula Coffee Mug? Hot coffee on the inside, blood sucking fiend on the out.

You can pick this up at Horror Movie Empire, who offers free world wide shipping, as well as special deals throughout December on numerous box sets and collections.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Hammer Films
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $14.99
Where can I buy it?: Horror Movie Empire

James' Picks


Neonomicon - Signed Hardcover Edition

Neonomicon Signed

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It wouldn't be Christmas without Cthulu. Avatar Press has recently released Alan Moore's Neonomicon in trade paperback. The book alone is a gift worthy of any fan of horror comics as it's an insanity-fueled look at the rise of Lovecraftian Monsters in our world. If you really want to leave an impression though, you can check out the signed hardcover edition directly from the publisher. Limited to just 200 copies, you can get a version with a new cover signed by author Alan Moore as well as artist Jacen Burrows. Just think, Moore could have dropped one of his crazy beard hairs in it! I hear those are rumored to give you magical powers.

If you miss out on the signed edition, Neonomicon is also available in a standard trade paperback and non-signed hardcover.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Avatar Press
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $75.00
Where can I buy it?: Comic Calvacade

Hellraiser - Volume 1


Hellraiser Volume One

click image to enlarge

Clive Barker's legendary creation has made quite a comeback this year in funny books thanks to BOOM! Studios. Christopher Monfette writes while being overseen by Barker, bringing Pinhead up to date. Oh, and did I mention that all of this is in official Hellraiser continuity?

If you're looking for a good place to jump into the series, the first volume collects the first four issues. This would normally set you back $10, but BOOM! is having a 40% off sale for the holiday so you can gift this to a buddy for only six bucks.

Who makes this awesome thing?: BOOM! Studios
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $9.99
Where can I buy it?: BOOM! Studios ($6.00)

True Blood: Volume 2 - Tainted Love


True Blood Volume 2 Tainted Love

click image to enlarge

If you know someone who's obsessed with HBO's True Blood, you could certainly do worse than opening them up to comics with IDW's True Blood series. The second volume, Tainted Love, was just released and it's written by Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin in the TV show. It features the gang trying to take down a rampaging Jessica.

Who makes this awesome thing?: IDW Publishing
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $24.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon.com ($15.15)

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor Deluxe Edition


Walking Dead Rise Of The Governor

click image to enlarge

There are few things more popular right now than zombies (aside from maybe Twilight, but we don't talk about that here) and The Walking Dead is certainly at the forefront of that shuffling popularity. Rise of the Governor, The first novel from The Walking Dead universe was released in October, but a deluxe hardcover edition is out this month with all kinds of goodies including illustrations by series artist Charlie Adlard.

Depending on how much you like the person, you could spring for the limited super deluxe edition signed and numbered by Robert Kirkman.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Image Comics
How much does it cost?: MSRP $74.99 (deluxe version) / $124.99 (signed version)
Where can I buy it?: Deluxe Version: Amazon.com ($53.89)
Signed Version: Amazon.com ($78.74)

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga - Volume 1 Trade Paperback


Grimm Fairy Tales The Dream Eater Saga

click image to enlarge

Crossovers are a mainstay of comics, but they're not as common outside of the big two. Zenescope took a big swing at it this year with their first crossover ever. If you're looking for a non-superhero comic gift, Dream Eater Saga is a great step. There's some pre-existing continuity to sift through, but the opening issue provides more than enough background info to get the reader started. It's a twisted version of some of your favorite fairy tales and they're in a huge, bloody war.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Zenescope Entertainment
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $15.99
Where can I buy it?: Amazon.com ($11.74)

Grey - Signed Trade Paperback


Grey Trade Paperback

click image to enlarge

Aliens are among us! No, I'm not talking about illegal immigrants so please put your fence building tools down. There hasn't been a great conspiracy-filled alien story since The X-Files and look how that turned out. Fortunately, Loaded Barrel Studios has got your back, filling the gap left in your gift list left by Mulder and Scully. You can pick up their full color graphic novel, Grey which features an alien invasion story set in the mid-West that doesn't involve Mel Gibson. To sweeten the deal you can get it signed by the creators for an extra 5 bucks.

Who makes this awesome thing?: Loaded Barrel Studios
How much does it cost?: MSRP: $19.99
Where can I buy it?: Loaded Barrel Studios


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