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Written by Steve Pattee

It’s been over two decades since The Blair Witch Project hit theaters, shattering all sorts of records for an independent film and launching the found-footage genre that’s still going strong today. (Look, I’m fully aware of Cannibal Holocaust, Man Bites Dog, and others that came before 1999, but the reality is The Blair Witch Project solidified and made popular the FF genre more than any other movie before it. Fight me.)

I recently watched this glorious and dividing film in preparation of diving into the first box in Hunt a Killer’s latest experience, "Blair Witch".

If you aren’t familiar with Hunt a Killer, the FAQ from its website explains it far better than I could:

Hunt a Killer is an immersive murder mystery game told over the course of six “episodes” or boxes. Each box is filled with different clues and physical items such as autopsy reports, witness statements, and more. You’ll use these clues to solve the ongoing murder mystery. In the final episode you’ll be able to catch the killer!

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I love these types of things. It’s a unique way of immersing yourself into a mystery, and each month you get more clues until it’s over. And when Hunt a Killer announced Blair Witch as its newest experience, I immediately got excited. I love the film, I love the mystery of it, and I love the lore. And should you get frustrated or feel like you’re stuck, Hunt a Killer provides hints and discussions on its website in case you get stuck or want to talk things out. Win/win!

Opening the first box in this case is a treat. It contains multiple things to get your started on your journey. Naturally, going forward this breakdown is going to spoil what’s in the first box. So, if you are looking to be surprised, I am about to ruin that for you. I’ll definitely avoid my thoughts on solving the mystery because I certainly wouldn’t want to take that joy from anyone. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what’s inside!

hunt a killer blair witch 05The first thing I pulled out was a postcard detailing the 10 items in this initial case. I like this because if something happens to be missing, you’d know immediately what it was. Following that was a slightly larger postcard with some tips on playing the game, as well as links to discuss theories, something I’ll no doubt be using.

Now to the meat, which is contained in a manilla envelope. There is a pen and notebook (belonging to a missing Liam Kent) to jot down clues; a letter from Rosemary Kent, Liam’s mother; a transcript of the Sheriff Lanning’s press conference on the case; a copy of “Untold Tales Magazine” (which is just like two pages); a newspaper clipping of an incident with another member of the Kent family; witness interviews concerning Liam’s disappearance; an incident report of an altercation with Liam and a student at school; a not-to-scale map of the town of Burkettsville; and last but certainly not least, a bracelet with a silver tooth on it.

The quick and dirty synopsis of what’s going on is 15-year-old Liam Kent disappeared four months ago. The Burkettsville police say he’s a runaway. His mom thinks something far more nefarious has happened. It’s up to me (or you!) to solve the case.

I’m already knee deep into this mystery and absolutely loving how it’s presented. For example, the newspaper article is just a small clipping, but thought was put into it to print an hunt a killer blair witch 05advertisement of The Silver Moon Diner on the back, really giving it a feel of authenticity. Plus, the Burkettsville map really looks like one of those types of small-town maps you find a welcome center. It’s these little things that have added to the experience of this mystery.

Hunt a Killer offers up three pricing plans to participate. $30 a month plus shipping; $165 with free shipping for a six-month subscription; and $300 with free shipping for a year. That might seem steep, but if this first box is any indication of what I’m in for, it will be worth it. I don’t know where this mystery is going yet, but I’m definitely all in and am ready to recommend it to my friends. Heck, if we weren’t stuck social distancing, this would be a great way to spend time with them. But, as it is, I’m still having a heckuva time doing it myself.

I’m going to withhold grading this, as it’s only the first box. But if future packages deliver what this one has, I’m in for quite the time and maybe some loss of sleep.

If you dig creepy adventures, this is going to be up your dark and dreary alley for sure. Head on over to Hunt a Killer's website and get in on the investigation!

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