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Written by Steve Pattee

When I last left the town of Burkittsville, Liam had gone missing and his mother, Rosemary, had enlisted me to find him. Armed with police reports, copies of interviews, a map of the town, a notebook, and more, the investigation was begun.

hunt a killer blair witch episode 02 01After combing through the first box from Hunt A Killer, I was all in. The information and evidence provided was enough to both pique my interest and slightly creep me out, and I was eager for the mysteries that awaited me. I didn’t have much of an inkling on where Liam was, but I did have enough to know something shady had happened and where he last went, regardless of what Sheriff Lanning thinks. Using the knowledge of where he was last seen, I went to the website mentioned on a postcard and entered that information. I also read a bit of Rosemary’s journal, which provided me with more tips. Also on that site are screenshots from “Good Fences” (think Next Door) and a photo of the missing poster.

Via the site, I sent an email to Rosemary with the answer to the question she asked and I got an immediate reply in the form of a recording. This pushed me further into the mystery and introduced some of the contents of the second box; a pencil case, notes from Liam, a creepy wooden figure and some more police reports.

Not going to lie, I feel a little proud that I was able to provide the first solution without any help. However, I did use a hint on the notebook, and I was disappointed in myself that I hunt a killer blair witch episode 02 02completely missed something. So you know: every piece in these boxes are important.

The objective this time around is finding the name of the person who talked to Liam right before he disappeared. This was a bit tougher because it feels like there are a ton more notes to go through (plus I went through the first box all over again to keep up). And, I have to admit, I needed help with this one. (Thank GOD for that tip line.)

Now, I’m not going to give you any help other than this: Everything is a clue. Everything. There is seemingly nothing in these boxes that is put there for no reason. Plus, the more you dig, the creepier it gets. The hand-written letters are naturally going to pull you, but even the police reports filed by the museum employee, Anthony, make you uncomfortable as all hell. I had to laugh when he said at one point that he was taking a personal day. I’m with you, Anthony, I would too.

hunt a killer blair witch episode 02 03I could spend an incredible amount of time with this case, more than I already have, simply because of how the clues are laid out. You’re not going open up these boxes and just solve them in minutes. You have to dig and inspect every piece of paper and item, and hope you catch everything. Plus, like any mystery, you have to look at the clues you already found and use items from prior boxes to move forward. It’s incredibly thought out and compelling.

I can’t stress enough how cool Hunt a Killer: Blair Witch is. It’s a fascinating mystery and easily gets under your skin. If this were real life, I’d be very torn. On one hand, I’d really want to solve this and find Kent, but at the same time, with the supernatural aspect, I’d want to just wish Rosemary luck and stay far, far away from those woods.

But it’s not real life, hopefully, so I’m 100% in to see where this goes. Even if it means meeting the Blair Witch herself.

Do yourself a favor, head on over to Hunt a Killer and get this for yourself or a loved one. You won't be disappointed.

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Author: Steve Pattee
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