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hunt a killer blair witch main


Written by Steve Pattee

Have I mentioned how much I love Hunt a Killer’s Blair Witch episodes? I’m sure I have because I do. I really do. If I were to marry it, I’d even take its name. It’s that good.

If this is your first time joining me on this journey through the town and forest of Burkittsville, I suggest you catch up with Episode 1 and Episode 2. I try to keep it as free of spoilers as much as I can, but if I can’t help it, there are hunt a killer blair witch 05warnings. If you want to be ornery and not read the other two breakdowns, a quick and dirty synopsis is Hunt a Killer: Blair Witch is a game in which you play a detective hired by a mother, Rosemary, to find her son, Liam. It all takes place in the town of Burkittsville (from, you know, The Blair Witch Project) and each “episode” is a box containing clues, documents, newspaper clippings and more.

This third episode is a doozy. It comes with the following:

  • Letter From Rosemary
  • Liam’s Drawing
  • Liam’s Note
  • School Disciplinary Note
  • Search Party Report
  • Carver’s Message
  • Security Report
  • Folklore Booklet
  • School Folder
  • Carving
  • Crayon

I have to admit, I’m not as good of a detective as I first thought. It seems that these might be getting slightly harder with each episode, and I’m completely onboard with that. It’s not impossible by any stretch, but it’s no walk in the park determining what to do with the clues found in the box. I’m still trying to figure out if the crayon (which is more like a square of charcoal) and carving (which is a piece of tree trunk) are part of something to solve outside of simply being clues. I may have to break down and look up some hints before the next episode.

hunt a killer blair witch 05The writing of this adventure is absolutely superb. The security report by Anthony Rapinoe (who I have to wonder is a nod to Greetings From Moon Hill author, Anthony Rapino) is hilarious. This dude works at the Burkittsville museum, and any time weird things happen, you can just tell he’s so over it. He’s also credited as the editor of the folklore booklet, Of Witches and Other Warnings, found inside the box. This was a very cool read, covering some of the local myths of the area. I’m 100% sure this is a clue of some sort.

The search party reports are from the points of view of three officers who led teams of people into the woods in hopes of finding Liam. Let me tell you, these reports are my favorite parts of this episode. They are so creepy. They're written in such a way that they’re pretty dry on their own, but when you put them together as a whole, you notice things like a time shift that should be impossible. But it’s Burkittsville, so here we are. I was legitimately unsettled reading them while it dawned on me it just wasn’t right.

Liam’s note and drawing are also shuddersome. I won’t go into them too much, but the note is one of those “if someone finds this” notes, and only adds to the knowledge that he is in some deep, supernatural doodoo.

Rounding it out are some things from Liam’s school, including a disciplinary note where he was in a fight, but no reason was given as to why, just that he was spoken to.

What I’m truly loving about this is how the writing and setup are through-the-roof interesting. This isn’t a story (or, rather, case) that was haphazardly put together for a quick buck. It’s quite apparent time, care and effort went into it to make the best experience possible, and it’s working.

I’m going to keep working on what Rosemary is looking for in this episode while you go and sign up if you haven’t already. It’s addictive.

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Author: Steve Pattee
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