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I hear about comedians who complain about attending social gatherings and as soon as someone finds out their profession they ask them to ‘make them laugh’. Truth is, creative types have the same problem but in ways it’s worse. As soon as someone knows that you can CREATE something (artist, animator, sculptor, web designers, author) suddenly everyone around you reveals their inner entrepreneur with some business idea that requires you to work for months on something that they want to reap the benefits of. When you’ve been stung a hundred or so times by these opportunists you tend to get instantly cynical about any suggestions that come your way that doesn’t include an immediate monetary value.

One particular week I received a request through Twitter from someone calling themselves @badfeelingfilm. This strange, faceless account was claiming to like my work and asking me for some promotional art for a film they were looking to get completed called I Have A Bad Feeling About This. With a title like that I didn’t need gut instinct to make me feel a little apprehensive about replying. But curiosity was on a mission to annoy me that day and so I had no option but to take the bait and ask what they were after.

While I was being directed to what they called a ‘top secret trailer’ I had no idea what I could possibly expect.


What I saw was 5 minutes of footage that made me re-evaluate who was the person with creative skills in this conversation.


I Have A Bad Feeling About This is an independent movie written by Alan Donohoe and Jamie Williamson. The 5 minute trailer is a short taster of what they have planned for the feature and I genuinely think that this is the highest standard of independent film making I have seen in a long time. The soundtrack, the casting, wardrobe, the acting, the filming quality, the edits and the script all combine to make an experience on par with shows like Spaced and films like Scott Pilgrim, Superbad, Big Lebowski and Clerks. Seeing as I’m living with both feet in the digital age, I’m not a stranger to seeing the odd CGI lightsaber battle and though I can’t confess to being impressed by them the overall quality and the attention to detail going all the way to the logo design is definitely worthy of respect.


How could I NOT want to get involved?


When I met Alan Donohoe over a coffee I saw first hand the passion, energy and dedication behind this project. This isn’t some graduate who wants to avoid getting a job by having fun with his friends. This isn’t someone who thought they’d use their Dad’s camera to film something to send to You’ve Been Framed. This is a film maker on their first feature length movie. Many people wish they were amongst Edgar Wright's circle of friends for Spaced. Many people wish they did a walk on part in Clerks for their best bud Kevin Smith. But those who DID get to do those roles had to believe in the director’s vision, skills and ambition and with Alan Donohoe it was an easy decision to make. After all… what’s a couple of drawings to be able to work with the next Kevin Smith?


25th of February 2012 was the public launch party for what was the ‘secret’ trailer. Jamie Williamson and co-writer and Director Alan Donohoe lifted the veil off their project to a full house of eager film lovers, enthusiasts and curiosity seekers. Being amongst the audience cheering at what became a roaring success it suddenly dawned on me how many aspects make this project an absolute winner. So many people have dedicated so much time, effort and talent into making this project a success that it will be a crime for it to not to be made, just because of something as unimaginative and soulless as money.


The trailer has just been placed on the independent project site IndieGoGo, with a target of only $16,000 (£10,000). The incentives range from the art cards I humbly provided for the film all the way up to being immortalized as executive producer in the credits.


It’s a great project and even if you can’t donate, spread the word and when the film is released you may be able to tell your descendants that you helped one of the coolest independent films of all time. I wish Alan and Jamie the best of luck and that they remember me when they are bigger than Elvis


To view the trailer and to see options for donating visit indiegogo here http://www.indiegogo.com/I-Have-a-Bad-Feeling-About-This

For more information on the film visit their official site http://www.badfeelingfilm.com




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