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Benetone Films' Daemon Hillin, who produced the new horror hit Pernicious, talks about the film's shoot, working with director James Cullen Bressack, and being scared of Jason Voorhees as a kid.

Do you think you have to love horror films if you're going to produce one?

Daemon Hillin: I think that you need to love producing to make any films. This is a very hard job and when you start a film, you will need to see it through for years. I think that as a producer, I need to find a director that loves horror films. I'm very much a facilitator; I help make the director's vision come to light.

Do you remember the first horror film you saw?

DH: Yes I do! It was Friday the 13th and I was a kid. Wow, never been so scared in my life! It will always stick with me.

And what about the last one?

DH: The last horror film I saw was actually Pernicious. Seeing your own film over and over you literally start saying the lines before the characters do.

Is the genre healthy at the moment, you think?

DH: Yes, I think it is a great genre with amazing fans. Horror fans are some of the best in the world. They truly love the genre and when they find somebody or something they like, they really support it.

What kind of horror film would you classify Pernicious as?  Some have billed it as torture porn, others have said it's more supernatural…

DH: Well, we literally set out to make a blend of both. We took James [director James Cullen Bressack] torture elements that he loves with the Thai Folklore, added some beautiful ladies and a creepy kid, and we had Pernicious.


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How far do you and James Cullen Bressack go back?

DH: James and I go back about four to five years now. Before this madness all started, James invited me to Comic-Con and that's where our friendship began. It was really great!

How much say did you get in casting? Anyone you especially championed for a part?

DH: I was involved in every step of the way. I actually found the talent for James. We would call them in for a reading then he would go with his gut on who we should cast. It was a really fun process!

And in terms of horror films, are you looking to do more?

DH: Yes we actually just got done making a couple more. One is called Ghost House; it was directed by Rich Ragsdale and is starring Mark Boone Jr, Scout Taylor Compton and James Landry Hebert.

The second is called By the Rivers of Babylon. That was directed by Albert Sandoval and is starring Crispin Glover, Connie Stevens, Mark Boone Jr, Joely Fisher and Adam Tomei.

We'd like to thank Daemon Hillin for his time. You can order Pernicious by clicking on the links below.

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