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House of Bad producer Dorota Skrzypek.

Pilot, designer of airports, explorer of the world and author of The Dentist and The Toothfairy and Sex, Life, & Hannah, Dorota Skrzypek is also the producer of the upcoming horror/thriller House of Bad. Horror DNA is fortunate enought to get a Q&A with her regarding her role in the film. 


How did you get involved with House of Bad, or were you involved before director Jim Towns was?

Dorota Skryzpek: Scott Frazelle brought the script and idea to me as we were jogging in the park one afternoon. I've been self-publishing books since 2005 so I understand the difficulties of the indie world, but I also really love how hands on you get to be from beginning to end. I felt that this was a project we could complete successfully, so I got on board.

What was the appeal here?

DS: First, I knew Jim Towns (writer/director) and Scott Frazelle (writer/producer) had their acts together. They understood the limitations of filmmaking at this level and how to make the most of everything they had to work with. It's really easy to make a bad indie film if you don't understand the nuances of good story-telling.

Second, even though the story was simple, you wanted to see what happens to the characters at the end. If you care about the characters, you've got something. I especially liked the twist at the end with Sirah, the middle sister. The entire time you think she's this innocent, naive girl that just wants everybody to get along, but then at the end...well, you'll just have to watch the movie to find out.

What did your role as a producer involve?

DS: I got involved producing House of Bad mostly from a financing perspective. I was busy on another project at the time, so I only got to set twice (maybe three times), and I helped coordinate food as much as possible. At this budget of film making, you have to pitch in where you can.

During post production I became very involved with the fit and finish of the film. It is almost unimaginable the amount of details that go into finishing a film, but you've got to pay attention to every one of those details, or your entire project goes out the window.

House Of Bad Dvd
Cover art for House of Bad

Did you find the budget limiting at all?

DS: It would have been nice to have a bigger budget, but I think time, or lack thereof, was even more limiting. I wish we'd had more time to plan in advance and more shooting days; I think we would have gotten even more out of the script. But as with most indie filmmaking, you're juggling your real life with a creative endeavour, so you can only do so much.

Would you describe the film as a horror film, thriller... or something that combines elements of both?

DS: The film is an interesting combination of elements: horror, thriller, heist, drama. I'm not sure if I would have been as interested in the project if it was a straight up horror film. For me, the drama between the three sisters that unfolds is most interesting to watch.

HDNA: What are you working on now?

DS: I am currently adapting a script written by Scott Frazelle called The Need, into a book. This will be my fifth published book, and a complete departure in genre. I mostly write fantasy and romance, and this is an erotic thriller, with some controversial story elements. There's a lot of press right now about how retailers are cracking down on erotica; pulling it off shelves, taking it down from websites, calling it porn, but I think the opposite of erotica. Erotica is really hard to write, and requires a lot of crafting. Moving a story forward, creating plot points, while two people are intimate, or vulnerable, or both, is extremely difficult-it's not just writing about a stick going into a hole.

We'd like to thank Dorota Skrzypek for this exclusive Q&A for Horror DNA. Look for House of Bad on DVD on December 3rd, 2013.

House Of Bad Dvd Cover
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