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There's a promise that Game of Thrones dry humps Lord of the Rings in the brutal fantasy pic Curse of the Dragon Slayer, out in May from Phase 4 Films. We speak to director John Lyde about his “adventure” on it.

How did you get involved in Curse of the Dragon Slayer?
John Lyde: I directed a film for the producers called Osombie. The movie came in on budget and they made money. When they had an idea for a new film, they came to me and I jumped at the chance to do a fantasy action film.

Word is that the film is a little bit Lord of the Rings, a little Game of Thrones. Was that a conscious choice?

JL: I have never seen Game of Thrones and we had 1/1000 of the budget for our film [Laughs]. I patterned the film more along the lines of Willow - one of my all-time favorite movies.

So, being that you only had 1/1000 of the budget of Game of Thrones, did the budget hinder you?

JL: Definitely hindered. More money would mean more extras, bigger sets and more grand visual effects. And life would be easier for much of the crew, who had to work very long hours and have multiple responsibilities to get it made.
Were most of the effects created practically or CGI?
JL: I tried to do as much practical as possible. Even the demon at the end is mostly practical. It's fun to put a guy in a cool creature suit, with crew holding his wings up with broom sticks. We added CGI fire to him, smoke and then composited him into the shots.


Curse of the Dragon Slayer stills. Click them to enlarge.

You've worked with your leading lady, Danielle Chuchran, a couple of times now.  Where did you discover her?
JL: I met Dani when she was 11. I was editing a film called The Wild Stallion, that she was the star of. I thought she was fantastic in it. Around that same time I was filming a low budget comedy, and she came to set to meet one of her friends who was in my film. We hit it off and we have done over 30 projects together now - features, short film, commercials.

Where about did the movie shoot? Was the weather a hindrance?

JL: Everything was filmed in Utah. Utah has such great landscapes and it isn't too far of a drive. Besides being hot, the weather worked out extremely well. No rain... no snow... filming in the mountains was quite comfortable. Although the scenes in the desert were tougher on the actors who had to wear the heavy wardrobe, masks and make-ups for the orcs.

Any plans for a sequel?

JL: We had a script for a sequel, but it would have cost 10 times the budget of the first one. That was scrapped and now we have another script. If the film does well enough to justify making another one, we would love to. The first one was such an adventure.

Horror DNA would like to thank John for taking the time to provide us with this Q&A, and be sure to look out for Curse of the Dragon Slayer on June 10th.

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