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Joy Ride 3 star Leela Savasta


Interview conducted by Richelle Charkot

Born and raised in Canada, actress Leela Savasta made her acting debut on the TV series Smallville. In addition to her roles in the television shows Masters of Horror and Supernatural, Savasta has starred in the Black Christmas remake and you can soon see her in the upcoming Joy Ride 3. Richellle had a chance to talk to her about her role in that film.


Richelle Charkot: How did you get involved with Joy Ride 3?

Leela Savasta: I learned about Joy Ride 3 from a Toronto casting director connection and was asked to audition on tape for the role.

RC: The Joy Ride films have pretty much ruined me for night time driving – what are some things that scare you the most?

LS: The idea of someone watching me is a scary concept. Large clusters of insects, animals or birds also gives me the creeps.

RC: What are your horror influences for acting?

LS: I have enjoyed movies like Blue Velvet and The Shining. Both are suspenseful and twisted.

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RC: Something pretty clear throughout the past three Joy Ride films is to never play a prank on Rusty. Why do you think Rusty Nail can’t take a joke?

LS: I think Rusty is a sensitive guy, who takes things a little to seriously. Poor Rusty, needs to lighten up.

RC: What kind of jokes do you think he actually likes?

LS: I think rusty likes mind games…..when he is in control of them.

RC: Describe what it was like to be on set in the eerie truck yard near the end of the film.

LS: A part of the truck yard was a metal recycling depot. It was actually a really cool location and very visually interesting.

RC: The Joy Ride films have consistently been great at creating a lot of tension – how did you prepare for the more heavily dramatic/action packed scenes?

LS: When the pressure is on in these types of scenes, listening is key to not getting hurt. I prepare by staying alert and focused.

RC: Did you watch scary movies as a child? If so, what were your favourites? If not, what was the first horror movie you saw, and how was that experience?

LS: I used to watch scary movies with my girlfriends when I was a kid. One movie really scared me for some reason. It was called Black Christmas. Ironically, I was cast in the 2006 remake of this movie.

RC: The cast for Joy Ride 3 was fairly small – what was it like working on set?

LS: We shot Joy Ride 3 on location, so not only was it a small cast, but we also spent time together out side of work. Its always more fun working with friends ?

RC: What do you think your CB radio nickname would be?

LS: Hmmm. I’m gonna go with ‘tough cookie’.

We'd like to thank Leela Savasta for her time. You can pick up your copy of Joy Ride 3 when it streets on June 17th! 

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