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Interview conducted by James Ferguson

Michael Moreci is a writer that has been popping up on a number of comic books as of late.  His name has appeared on titles such as Curse, Hoax Hunters, and even a Robocop book.  He's published work with Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, IDW Publishing, and more.  James had the opportunity to catch up with Moreci to discuss his upcoming sci-fi comic Roche Limit and some of his other projects.

James Ferguson: You've got a new book coming out in September from Image Comics.  Can you tell me a bit about Roche Limit?
Michael Moreci: Absolutely. It’s a book I’ve been working on for some time now and I cannot, cannot wait to see released. It’s such a special project for me in that it feels like a book that really represents what I aspire to do in comics.
In a nutshell, Roche Limit is a sci-fi noir with touches of existentialism. The Roche Limit is a colony situated on the cusp of a strange energy anomaly—formerly a hot spot for the wealthy, the place has devolved into a melting pot of crime and lawlessness. When a young girl goes missing, a cadre of underworld figures plunge into an odyssey that will reveal the dark secrets of the colony and change the course of mankind. It has stunning art and colors by Vic Malhotra and Jordan Boyd, making for one beautiful book.
JF: Roche Limit has been described as a cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.  Were there any other sci-fi elements that influenced this story?
MM: For sure. I’m a big fan of more thoughtful sci-fi—I dig action sci-fi romps, but stuff like Gattaca, Dark City, and Solaris are more my thing. I think the coolest thing about sci-fi is reflected in the social mores of the time in a package of speculative fiction imbued with rich humanity. That’s what I want this book to be—I want it to say something about humans in the vast cosmos.

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JF: How is it working with artist Vic Malhotra?
MM: Wonderful, amazing. Vic is a star waiting to go nova. He’s immensely talented and a really terrific guy. He has brought such a smart approach to Roche Limit, visually building the world in a way that’s both practical and wildly unique. The book is pretty demanding, having to manufacture this far-off world of the Roche Limit Colony and populate with characters that are rich and humane. Vic has done that, remarkably, and it shows in every single panel.
JF: You recently wrapped up Curse, a werewolf comic published by BOOM! Studios, that you co-wrote with Tim Daniel with art by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer.  Any plans to continue the story with those characters past the initial four-issue mini-series?
MM: Not a one. We’ve had offers and we’ve been tempted to find a way to continue the book—it was a success, and we all want to build on successful things—but the story of Laney and Jaren Griffin has been told, and it will always remain as is.

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JF:  What is next for Hoax Hunters with co-writer Steve Seeley?  Please tell me there's more coming.
MM: There is a future for Hoax Hunters, and it’s coming soon. Season two is happening—I’ve written the first two issues and Christian DiBari (the wildly talented new artist on the book) has started issue #1. The world will be hearing more about this soon. [Editor's Note: Moreci and Seeley also collaborated on Hack / Slash: Son of Samhain from Image Comics.  Available now!]

JF: Aside from all these comics we've already talked about, do you have anything else you're working on?

MM: There is, a lot. Ha, I'm a busy man these days, which I'm very grateful for. I have some stuff coming with Dynamite, Vertigo, Boom...and some other mystery stuff.

Horror DNA would like to thank Michael Moreci for taking the time to chat with us.  Roche Limit will debut in September and is currently available for pre-order. 

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