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Philip Kim Interview

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

American Gothic Press has gotten off to a great start with some top notch titles over the past year.  The comic imprint from Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine is not done there though.  Philip Kim, the Publisher of AGP, is also launching a new film and comics festival on March 4th in Santa Rosa, California called Silver Scream Fest.  I had a chance to speak with Philip Kim about this new project as well as all things AGP.

James Ferguson: This past year has been pretty busy for you between Famous Monsters of Filmland, a number of great horror and sci-fi titles from American Gothic Press, and the upcoming Silver Scream Fest.  Do you sleep at all?  

Philip Kim: I am always sleepy but can never get any…sleep that is.

JF: Can you tell me a little about the history of the Silver Scream Fest and how it came about?

PK: I am friends with a great guy, Neil Pearlmutter, that manages a chain of theaters in Northern California. He and I had been tossing around the idea of a horror film festival for many years. So about a year ago we just decided to do it.

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JF: This year's Festival is accepting entries in comics as well as film.  Can you speak a bit on the decision to open submissions up to graphic novels this time around?

PK: Well, American Gothic Press is always looking for talent and what better way to scout for talent than a competition?

JF: What are some of the events that fans can look forward to at this year's Silver Scream Fest?

PK: We are doing a live werewolf transformation from the ground up by Cinema Makeup School. We are honoring the life achievements of Wes Craven and Bela Lugosi. We are also celebrating the ground-breaking visual effects wizardry of Rick Baker and the storytelling of John Landis that would become legend for future filmmakers.

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JF: Shifting gears to American Gothic Press for a bit, the comics are firing on all cylinders with some top-notch talent and amazing stories.  How did the planets align for all these books to come together so quickly?

PK: Thanks for the accolades. It didn’t come together so quickly. With the inspiration of Forrest J Ackerman’s Vampirella, AGP was in the making for years. We were told by many of our peers that there were too many comic books being published. I thought to myself, “No publisher specializes in genre specific stories.”

JF: You're not only the American Gothic Press Publisher, you're also co-writing Monster World with Steve Niles.  How is that balance between your two roles?

PK: I am haunted by vignettes and concepts throughout the day. Writing is my catharsis but I am not seasoned, nothing like Steve, so the master makes the book sing. Which leaves me free to do my day job; publishing and selling.

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JF: What can fans expect from American Gothic Press in the near future?

PK: We hand-pick very few books to publish. Fans can expect an exceptional experience in both the near and far future.  

JF: OK.  Last question.  Who would win in a fight?  Project Nemesis, Godzilla, or Voltron?

PK: I feel like Godzilla. Let me explain: Godzilla is an experienced Kaiju goddess that has given birth. Nemesis is a 14-year-old girl. Voltron, is a toaster.

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