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Interview conducted by Ryan Noble

Ever since Konami’s Silent Hills was cancelled, I’ve been mourning. Mourning for what could have been. It all started with P.T., which turned out to be an incredibly scary teaser for the planned Silent Hill sequel. Then, it was removed from the store and the sequel was cancelled (fun fact: I haven’t deleted the teaser from my PS4 because I know as soon as I do, it’s gone forever).

Now, a god among mere mortals (in my eyes), has created a P.T. remake called Unreal PT. Radius Gordello has almost single-handedly recreated the infamous teaser, and I had to ask them a few questions as soon as possible.

Ryan Noble: Tell us a little about yourself... How did you get into development?

Radius Gordello: Before this project, I'd mostly been looking at game development as a serious career in my future, but had only been messing around with simple stuff in Unreal Engine. I had made a short Death Stranding fan trailer (that I've since unlisted from my YouTube channel because I'm not happy with its quality), so I figured if I could complete a small project like that, I might as well try to make an actual game.

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RN: Why did you decide to recreate PT?

RG: P.T. specifically came to mind for a few different reasons after the Death Stranding trailer I made. I'm big Kojima fan, [and] a lot of people don't have access to [P.T.] and never got to play it. But, most importantly for me, it's not very complex in terms of assets, gameplay, and mechanics.

Despite that, it also has a lot of different mechanics and components, so that gave me a chance to dabble in a variety of aspects of game development.

RN: What has the reaction from the public been? As someone who loved the PT teaser, I know I can’t wait to play it.

RG:  After the amount of P.T. remakes that have come out since [Silent Hills] was shelved, specifically over the last year, I quite honestly didn't expect to get the reactions or coverage I've gotten so far. It has been a surprise for sure, and I'm glad to see everyone enjoying it

RN: Did you do it all yourself or did you bring in any outside help?

RG: For the most part, yes. The reason I didn't say I made *all* the models, textures, and animations in my social media posts is because I did take a small handful of assets from the original game, either because they would have been hard to recreate while still keeping the experience authentic (like the character models, pictures in the picture frames), or because I don't have the skill and equipment to remake them (mainly the sounds).

A guy who goes by the name of FriskyNoodle was able to get me get those assets from the original game.

RN: What’s next for you?

RG: At the moment, I'm not too sure what I'll be doing next. I'll be taking a short break for sure, but I haven't put too much serious thought into what I'll be doing next game development-wise.

I would like to start work on a new horror game. This project was to gain some skills and get my work noticed, but I would like to work on something original now that this this project is all finished up.

RN: Finally, what horror game are you most looking forward to in 2019?

RG:  I don't religiously follow the indie horror game scene, so I'm not aware f every horror game coming out, but there is one called December 2000 which places you in the shoes of a serial killer. I don't personally know too much about it, from what I've seen, it plays out like a found footage film, with the VHS aesthetic and everything. 

It will be releasing sometime this year from what I've seen, but its predecessor, September 1999, is five-and-a-half minutes long and available for free on, so I feel that's a good starting point for those who want to know a little more about it.

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So, there you have it. A deeper look into the mind behind the complete remake of the P.T. teaser. I haven’t played it yet for myself, but it’s clearly taking horror gamers by storm and I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing what Gordello decides to do next.

Make sure to check Unreal PT out for yourself over on

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