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Interview conducted by Ryan Noble

Even in 2018, when so many things are going digital – games included – there’s an independent company making waves for physical collectors and indie game lovers alike. That company is Limited Run Games (LRG) and they’re in the business of giving digital-only Vita, PS4, and Switch games a physical release.

I’m a big fan on LRG, even if I am awful at getting to their limited releases before they’re sold out, and I thought any gamers out there who don’t yet know about them yet really should.

Luckily, Douglas Bogart, co-owner of LRG (and self-confessed lover of horror), was kind enough to answer a few questions for us at Horror DNA:

RYAN NOBLE: Tell us a little about Limited Run Games.

DOUGLAS BOGART: Limited Run Games started off as a publishing off-shoot of Mighty Rabbit Studios.

RN: What was the driving factor behind creating Limited Run Games? Why did it feel like the right time?

DB: For us, it was about preserving the one game we had on PSN physically. We had run out of development work and were on our last bit of funds. We didn't want to go out without some proof of what we had done. Our first sale was Breach & Clear and it sold out in 108 minutes, so we knew right away we had found our calling!

RN: Why do you think gamers love having physical copies of games?

DB: They like physically owning something. There is more security in knowing that your physical copy can't be taken away like your digital copy. You can also display your physical collection versus your digital one.

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RN: Do collectors ever go a little crazy when they miss a release? Go on, be honest...

DB: Depending on the release absolutely. But we try to counter that as best we can. We impose buying limits, have a waiting list, etc. We even try to reach out to fans personally if we have extra copies that turn up.

RN: Have you seen any surprises in the kinds of people buying your releases? Is it a mix of nostalgic gamers and younger gamers?

DB: It's definitely a mix. I'd say age range it tends to fall in the 25 and up range. But with the Switch, we are seeing younger gamers plus our usual market. We get a lot of first-time customers too for nostalgic reasons. Like customers that grew up with classic games, we've put out and wanted to own it on a newer platform.

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RN: Which release are you most proud of, as co-owner of LRG?

DB: For me, it's Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! It was an achievement for me because it's one of the first Vita games I knew right away I wanted to do a physical version with. It was also quite the journey to convince XSEED and get the game through manufacturing. I have 3 major games that are big wins for me. Senran Kagura, Ray Gigant, and The House in Fata Morgana (not released yet).

RN: Which release were you most excited about, as a gamer?

DB: As a gamer, it was probably Night Trap for its history. It, along with Mortal Kombat, helped establish the ESRB, so for me it was neat releasing a part of gaming history.

RN: Do you often get a lot of love from Vita owners? I know that I'm always personally grateful to see your Vita releases giving a criminally-underrated platform some extra support, quickly followed by regret as I realised I didn't purchase a copy in time...

DB: We get a mix of love and hate. Love for the support but hate when customers can't grab a copy. Unfortunately, we are bound to set amounts now so we aren't able to have anything open to pre-order anymore. But we love the Vita, it's where we started and we won't forget that!

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RN: Speaking of gaming platforms, I've seen a lot of great new Switch releases coming from LRG recently. Did the Nintendo Switch just open up an entirely new audience to you?

DB: It definitely did. We increased our customer base substantially and had our biggest numbers on it. It's been great and a dream come true to be on a Nintendo platform. But we still love Sony, too!

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RN: Since we're a horror site, I have to ask... You've released physical copies of some really great horror games, like Lone Survivor, Claire: Extended Cut, Home, Layers of Fear, Outlast and more – do you have any more horror releases in the pipeline? And, if you can't say... Which digital-only horror game would you personally love to see get a physical release?

DB: We definitely have some more coming! I love horror games! My dream game is and has been SOMA.

You heard the man – more horror games are incoming from Limited Run Games, so keep an eye on their Twitter and website for new announcements. You just never know when your favourite digital horror game might get its own limited-edition physical release. Do you have any games you’d love to see get the LRG treatment? Leave a comment to let us know or shoot me a tweet.

Massive thanks again to Douglas for taking the time to answer my questions. 


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