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Written by James Ferguson


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Raven Gregory is the Executive Editor at Zenescope Entertainment.  He's also the writer of many of the Zenescope titles including Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends, The Theater, The Dream Eater Saga, and the Wonderland series.  He's returning to Wonderland with the upcoming prequel series, Alice in Wonderland.  

Raven was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Horror DNA for an interview.

James Ferguson: Why go back to Wonderland now?


Raven Gregory: We'd been talking about doing the "Alice" story for quite some time, but we all agreed we'd only do it if we had a really good story to tell. After how well the trilogy turned out, the last thing we wanted to do was to run this thing into the ground. So a lot of us decided the only way to do it was [to wait] for the right story to come along that would be able to stand on its own merits, yet also play into this massive mythology we've developed over the last five years. We also had some time since Escape from Wonderland came out and the conversations began turning more and more toward Wonderland. We (Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco) all started chatting it up and the next thing you know we found a story that we all think new readers and longtime fans of the series will both really enjoy.


JF: Why didn't you start the Wonderland series with Alice's story?


RG: When we started the Wonderland trilogy we didn't want to just rehash the story that has already been told hundreds of times and by starting it with a newly invented character it opened up a lot of doors story-wise on where we could take the series and at the same time still pay homage to the original story that we all loved growing up and still do to this day.


JF: Am I correct in assuming that the Disney animated movie wasn't an inspiration for this new series?

RG: Not in the least.  With our version of the Wonderland mythos established, this goes far outside what you've seen done before with the Wonderland universe.



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JF: Alice's daughter Calie was the main focus of the original Wonderland trilogy.  She has a somewhat troubled past, partially brought on by her mother's mental illness.  Was Alice in a similar situation that pushed her to Wonderland?

RG: That's one of the biggest character dynamic shifts between the two characters.  Calie's experience in Wonderland was very short, all things considered.  She also had grown up with a mentally ill parent, so that experience in some ways colored her journey to the realm of madness.  But with Alice, she was completely innocent when she was sacrificed to Wonderland as a child, so throughout the story you're going to see what the effects are of spending a lifetime in a realm of madness and then returning to the real world.


JF: I know it's early to ask, but any chance we'll see more Wonderland comics after the Alice in Wonderland prequel wraps up?

RG: The Wonderland ongoing series has been in the works for a few years now and will definitely be launching next year.  Calie's and Violet's story is far from over.


JF: Aside from Wonderland, you seem to write every other book that Zenescope's been releasing lately.  How do you keep everything on track?

RG: I have some great talented people to help keep me on track.


JF: Lastly, if you were stranded on a desert island with one lady from the Zenescope universe, who would it be?

RG: Not Alice.  She's could drive a person to go quite mad.


Thank you for your time, Raven.  Look for the first issue of Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Alice in Wonderland at your local comic shop this December.







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