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Edge Of Dark Water Amazon UsOn Thursday, April 5, Joe Lansdale came to Austin with some great company: his multitalented daughter Kasey Lansdale. A packed crowd was on hand for the father/daughter duo at BookPeople, Austin's premier independent bookstore. With words from Lansdale's new book, Edge of Dark Water, some jokes and a few songs from Kasey (who's currently putting the last touches on her next album) the event was a success despite a few technical difficulties.

The night began with a performance by Kasey. Although a CD player was supposed to provide some music to accompany her vocals, things did not go as planned. The CD player became possessed by a playful poltergeist who decided it would be fun to stop the music repeatedly while Kasey sang and then start going again when no one was singing. Instead of awkwardly stopping and blushing, the singer told jokes, interacted with an imaginary band and, most importantly, carried on a capella. If anything was obvious to every soul at the event by the time the performance was over, it was this: Kasey Lansdale can carry a tune like nobody's business and music, or even the microphone, are mere props she can easily do without.

Since video evidence beats a winded description, here's a video of Kasey Lansdale performing Edge of Dark Water, a song she wrote based on her father's book, followed by Joe Lansdale reading from the first chapter of Edge of Dark Water:

After the concert/reading, I had a chance to catch up with Kasey while her father signed books. The singer was happy about being on the final stages of recording her new album.

"I'm thrilled," said Kasey. "I don't want to talk too much about it, but I'm really proud of it because it really represents what I do."

Besides music, Kasey is also making some waves in the literary world. With an anthology titled Impossible Monsters (Subterranean Press) slated for release this year and a second anthology from Biting Dog Press in which established writers are lending a hand to upcoming talents, Kasey is taking all the right steps. However, editing is not the end of the story: she is now allowing those Lansdale genes to express themselves.

"I'm about 40,000 words into a novel," said Kasey. "It's women's fiction and I'm really excited about it. I'm working on it on my downtime and hope I can finish it at some point."

With her artistic talent focused on writing and Joe Lansdale providing critiques, there's no doubt the book could be the literary equivalent of Kasey's voice, so stay tuned.

More than an author reading from his new book, the event at BookPeople felt more like a gathering of friends. Also, when the Lansdales are in the house, even the strongest poltergeist has to succumb to their charm, wit and humor. A special thank you goes out to Scott Montgomery, Crime Fiction Coordinator at BookPeople and the man responsible for bringing some of the best authors in the nation to Austin. We hope the Lansdales head back our way really soon.


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