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Leaping into the Unknown – Talking Faithless with Brian Azzarello and Sierra Hahn

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

Faithless from BOOM! Studios has just hit the stands with the creepiest meet-cute imaginable. Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Maria Llovet bring us the story of Faith, a dabbler of magic searching for purpose in her life. It turns out someone – or something – was listening while she played around with things she didn't quite understand and her life is about to turn upside down.

I had a chance to speak with Azzarello along with BOOM! Studios editor Sierra Hahn about the project.

James Ferguson: How would you describe Faith's connection to magic?

Brian Azzarello: Tenuous at best. [Laughs]

JF: She seems to be a dabbler at best. I have fears now of doodling in a notebook and accidentally summoning Cthulhu or something like that.

BA: Hey, that's a great idea. The whole idea with Faithless is that it's a leap into the unknown. The unknown is always bigger than we give it credit for.

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JF: That's a pretty good point. It is unknown for a reason. Poppy represents that unknown quality in a big way in Faithless, turning Faith's life around. What is the inspiration for both of them?

BA: Poppy is everything I'm not. Where Faith is feeling her way along in the world and disappointed with what she's been given, Poppy is the opposite of that. She's extremely confident and I think that shows.

JF: How did you connect with Maria Llovet to create Faithless?

Sierra Hahn: One of my colleagues, Eric Harburn, a senior editor at BOOM! Studios had found her work about a year ago and put her pages in front of me. That's how it came together. Something that's really lovely about BOOM! is that we're really collaborative when it comes to artists and what a vision might be. Everyone rallies around to find different artists for the various projects we're on. That was something that Eric brought to the table. As soon as I sent her pages to Brian, it was an enthusiastic “Let's do this!” This is the right person. Maria felt the same way in return. It really united all of us.

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JF: What kind of demons or monsters are in store for us in Faithless or is it more of a magical element?

BA: No, it's Hell.

JF: Is it a more traditional kind of Hell? Or a new take on it? I've seen a number of different versions lately so I guess Hell is what you make of it.

BA: Is it going to be traditional? Well, it's going to be recognizable.

JF: So more of a fire and brimstone kind of thing?

BA: No, no. That's kind of clichéd. Not that recognizable. You're going to have to wait and see. As far as the take goes, the magic is more connected to supernatural and the occult than it is to fairies and elves and shit.

Faithless #1 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop. It can be ordered through the links below. Horror DNA would like to thank Brian Azzarello and Sierra Hahn for taking the time to speak with us.

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