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Mike Mignola Talks Drawing Monsters & Quarantine Sketchbook

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

Mike Mignola's storied career is the subject of Drawing Monsters, a new documentary currently on Kickstarter. The film looks at his work going from an inker at Marvel Comics to creating Hellboy to much more through interviews with Mignola himself and a number of folks from the comics and entertainment space. He's also been doing some great sketches online which have been collected in The Quarantine Sketchbook from Dark Horse Comics. I had a chance to speak to Mignola about these projects.

James Ferguson: How does it feel to be the subject of a feature-length documentary? I'd imagine it's a bit like a trip down Memory Lane.

Mike Mignola: It’s certainly strange, nothing I ever imagined. Especially hearing other creators talking about me or my work. Somehow that’s just something I wasn’t really prepared for. For me though, my part, it wasn’t really that much of a trip down memory lane as it’s not that unusual for me to talk about my career.

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JF: Did you accompany the filmmakers during the interviews or would that be too weird?

MM: I did not. They didn’t ask and I certainly would not have gone if they did ask. I’m sure it would just be way too uncomfortable for all parties concerned.

JF: You've been busy during the pandemic, creating some awesome sketches and donating the proceeds to Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen. These are now collecting in The Quarantine Sketchbook from Dark Horse Comics, due out in March. What led to this creative outlet and this particular charity?

MM: It really just started as a fun thing to entertain myself and the people that follow me on Facebook and Twitter. This was the early days of the COVID lockdown, and nobody knew how long things were going to go on. My publisher put a lot of projects on hold—I didn’t have any real work to do, so I just started playing—and then I got sort of addicted to it. As the sketches piled up, my wife and I started talking about doing something with them. Auctioning them off for a charity seemed like a good idea with so many people being effected by the lockdown. Christine (my wife) had been following the work José Andrés was doing at World Central Kitchen, and helping feed people seemed like a really great thing to do, so that’s who we chose to support. It was nice to feel we were doing SOMETHING.

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JF: Do you have a favorite of the sketches included in the book?

MM: There are a lot of favorites in that collection. I actually feel some of the best drawings I’ve ever done are in there. And some of the strangest. I love how some of the old cartoon characters turned out—Frankenstein Jr., Squddly Diddly, etc. And I created a couple of new characters who sort of took off—Radio Spaceman, Giant Caveman, Zoola Queen of the Bat People. I’m very fond of Zoola.

Horror DNA would like to thank Mike Mignola for taking the time to speak with us. Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters is currently on Kickstarter. Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook is out this week from Dark Horse Comics.

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