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My talents for video games have been steadily on the decline for some time. There's a reason I stick to comics here at Horror DNA. That being said, I couldn't resist the urge to try some out while I was at New York Comic Con. Fortunately, our resident video game expert, Ryan Noble, prepped me before chatting with the folks at Rebellion when I tried out Zombie Army 4. I had a chance to play the upcoming game and kill so many undead walkers. After I died within minutes of starting the game, the developer took pity on me and turned on some cheats to help me out.

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The demo I played was as gorgeous as it was gruesome. The game mechanics are fluid and fast-paced. Then there are the zombies. There are so many and you rarely see the same one twice. I was impressed by the sheer variety. Zombie Army 4 is a tense game from the jump and that tension only rises the farther along you go as more and more zombies show up. There are also some fun Easter eggs scattered throughout, like a clever use of helicopter blades.

I spoke with Robert Dale, Rebellion's Community Manager about the game.

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James Ferguson: For long time players of the series, what is Zombie Army 4 bringing to the table?

Robert Dale: Massively expanded worlds, upgradable weapons, and perks. It's a fully enriched game that started off from a PC port.

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JF: What's the most dangerous new zombie type?

RD: Oooo... We haven't actually announced all those yet. We've got a really cool buzzsaw zombie. It's an extension of what we did in the previous installment, Zombie Army Trilogy, where we had a chainsaw zombie. This one goes a bit further. If it gets too close to you, you're in big trouble. [Laughs]

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JF: Do slow-mo kills ever stop being so satisfying?

RD: Never! We are the slo-mo kill guys now, but every time we do it, everyone loves it, so we're going to keep going with it.

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Zombie Army 4 is scheduled for release on February 4th, 2020. Horror DNA would like to thank Robert Dale for taking the time to speak with us.

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