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Dark Horse Comics began their round of panels with a look at some upcoming titles they'll be releasing.  On hand were Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie and Director of Public Relations Jeremy Atkins, as well as several writers including Brian Wood, Sanford Green, and Tom Morello.  

The focus was on Dark Horse Presents, an anthology book started a few months back that features  several serialized stories. Mike Mignola will be uncovering a lost chapter in Hellboy's past beginning in issue #7, as we find out about the character's drunken time in Mexico.  

Sanford Green's group of assassins, the Black Suits, will be featured in a story called Rotten Apple.

Fan favorite writer, Brian Wood has an upcoming ongoing series called The Massive.  The book focuses on a "post-crash" world where a group of environmentalists on ships try to figure out what to do next.  They obviously didn't save the world as they set out to do, so what do they do now?  There will be some short stories published in upcoming issues of Dark Horse Presents as a prologue to the ongoing series.  Kristian Donaldson is on board for art.  Wood is also going to be picking up the writing duties on Conan with Becky Cloonan on art.

Tom Morello, best known as the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, has written a 12 issue series called Orchid.  The first issue debuted last week and only costs $1.00.  The story follows a 16-year-old street prostitute in a post-apocalypse world where the gene pool has been severely messed up.  Morello described the world saying that this is not the "Haves and Have Nots."  Instead it's the "Have Everythings" and the "Have Nothings."  Scott Hepburn is handling the art for the series.  Each issue will also include a link to download the musical score composed by Morello.  The writer said that he was influenced by books like V for Vendetta and Red StarOrchid was inspired by Morello's acceptance into a group of East Hollywood drug addicts and prostitutes when he first set out to become a rock star.  He said he didn't have the skin tone or hair style to get accepted into the ‘80s hair metal craze, but these people accepted him in without an issue.  

Jeremy Atkins touched briefly on Buffy Season 9 and Angel and Faith.  Both series just launched.  More were discussed Saturday at the panel dedicated to these books.  Similarly, The House of Night and The Strain were mentioned but were brought up in the vampire panel on Saturday.  Both of those first issues will also be $1.00.  Allie pointed out that Guillermo del Toro loves ugly, ugly monsters.  

Finally, Eric Powell's The Goon is continuing as a bi-monthly title.

Everyone that attended the panel received an exclusive ashcan flipbook featuring the first story from The Massive and Eric Powell's space robot story Isolation.  Both will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dark Horse Presents.



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