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Head Smash CoverThe preview night of New York Comic Con is a pretty low key one.  It does allow for some calmer and quieter meetings with creators, writers, artists, and more.  This was the case with the Arcana Comics panel that kicked off my first day at NYCC.  The publisher is set to make some pretty big strides this year with several of its books being optioned for feature films.  On hand to discuss one such project was Vlad Yudin and Edwin Mejia.  Together they formed the Vladar Company and have partnered with Arcana to create Head Smash.  

Unlike some of the other recent comic-to-film adaptations, Head Smash is being developed both as a comic and a movie at the same time.  The original graphic novel is set to debut in the summer of 2013 with the film beginning production around the same time.  Head Smash was created by Yudin and Erik Hendrix with Dwayne Harris handling the art.  Yudin will also be writing the screenplay.

The panel began with a propaganda video set in the world of Head Smash.  The short clip was from the point of view of The Horde, the crime syndicate that now rules the city of Ares.  It was a dark but compelling video that definitely resonates with today's tense political climate.  

When describing the city of Ares, Mejia explained that it's like Detroit if it were boxed in and set a hundred years in the future.  

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The title character of Head Smash is taken in by the Horde at a young age.  He rises through the ranks until his pregnant wife is kidnapped by the same people he once called allies.  Now he's on a revenge mission to get his wife and unborn child back and search for answers as to why he was betrayed.  Aiding him in this quest is a special serum, a drug that gives him super human strength and stamina.  It allows him to fight ten men at once, but it has some negative side effects.  

The film is being developed by Imprint Entertainment, the group responsible for Twilight.  Say what you will about that series of films, they were damn successful at cultivating that franchise.  

Look for my interview with co-creator Vlad Yudin on Horror DNA soon.








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