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Mike Mignola is the creator of Hellboy and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.  After killing Hellboy, he's been putting the B.P.R.D. through Hell on Earth.  His next series, Hellboy in Hell, shows us what happens to the character after he's died.  Mike was kind enough to chat with me during the New York Comic Con to discuss the upcoming project.


James Ferguson: Hellboy in Hell marks your return to art duties on an ongoing Hellboy story.  Was it at all difficult getting back into the swing of things?


Mike Mignola: I was a little rusty. It had been at least six years since I had done lengthy comics work, but I was so chomping at the bit to get back to it.  I think the enthusiasm kind of trumped my rustiness.


JF: Throughout the Hellboy comics, there have been a number of different mythologies and pieces of folklore used.  What kind can we expect in Hellboy in Hell?


MM: Certainly a lot more of that.  It's a little bit further down the line in the Hellboy in Hell stuff, but eventually I want Hellboy to roam around Hell the way he did on Earth.  Roam around the world and the feeling is there's an Asian sector of Hell, an Egyptian Hell, and an Eastern European neighborhood of Hell.  So I want to go back to doing what I did on Earth, adapting folklore.  The beauty of doing it in Hell is if Hellboy's in the Japan corner of Hell, it doesn't have to look like the real Japan.  It can be Japan loosely interpreted with my visuals.  I don't have to worry about exactly what a Japanese house looks like.  As an artist it's nice.


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JF: So he's not leaving Hell any time soon?


MM: There's no plan to get Hellboy out of Hell.  Well, there kind of is, but nothing in the foreseeable future.  He's dead and when you're dead and you're Hellboy, that's pretty much where you're going to be.


JF(laughs) I have to ask because it's a comic book.  It happens.  Hellboy has fought his "destiny" for some time by doing things like keeping his horns trimmed back.  Now that he's literally in hell, will he be confronting this head on?


MM: Yes, the first four issues of Hellboy in Hell are trying to scrape a lot of that baggage off of Hellboy.  We will be dealing with and, to a large extent, getting rid or bringing to a head a lot of the stuff that has been building in the Hellboy series.


JF: Could this be considered the last Hellboy story, chronologically speaking?


MM: Certainly the way I view it now.  Hellboy in Hell is an ongoing series.  It's not a mini-series.  Right now I don't have another Hellboy title.  There's Hellboy in Hell and that's what I plan to do.  As far as what I'm thinking of, everything I've planned to do, I can fit into Hellboy in Hell.  Now there is talk.  Duncan Fegredo is doing a Hellboy graphic novel that's Hellboy when he was a little kid.  Those little other Hellboy projects will still exist.  I don't have a lot of them planned, but depending on the artists that want to draw Hellboy, we may do other stuff like that.  The main Hellboy book is Hellboy in Hell.


JF: Are there any more stories involving Hellboy's time with the Mexican wrestlers?


MM: There are.  I do have two or three other things.  It's just a matter of finding the right artist and the right time to do them.


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JF: Switching gears slightly, B.P.R.D. has been put through the wringer lately with Hell on Earth.  Is it safe to assume there's no "Happily Ever After" ending in their future?


MM: Yeah, I think that's a safe assumption and probably a bit of an understatement.


JF: Well said.  Lastly, are there any plans for further Lobster Johnson stories?  I just want an excuse to read "Feel the Claw" again.


MM: Yes.  We've been putting out these one-shots for Lobster Johnson.  There's a two issue mini-series.  John [Arcudi] and I just the other day started planning a longer five issue Lobster Johnson series.


Horror DNA would like to thank Mike Mignola for taking the time to chat with us at New York Comic Con.  You can also check out James' coverage of the Hellboy in Hell Panel which held a lot more tidbits on the upcoming book as well as Mignola's overall process.






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