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Sandman CoverThe Vertigo panel was a pretty light one at this year's New York Comic Con.  Helmed by Executive Editor Karen Berger, the panel went over a handful of details for some of its upcoming books.  It's clear that the big announcements were used up at San Diego though, so us New Yorkers got some cover art and reminders of the stuff talked about back in July.  

First up on the horror landscape was American Vampire.  Writer Scott Snyder was in attendance to break the news to the crowd that the book will be going on a hiatus after issue #34.  Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque were planning on taking a break from the book for some time and it just lined up that the end of this arc would be the right place to do it.  Snyder stressed that this is a very definite hiatus and that the pair will return to continue the book.  This break will allow them to catch up on the series and do some special stories like the Lord of Nightmares mini-series that the monthly just doesn't allow time for.  When the comic returns, the story will have time jumped into the 1960's and Snyder promises that it will be the "biggest and baddest" stuff yet.

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Snyder will be busy during the break from American Vampire.  Aside from his monumental work on Batman in the DCU, he also has a new 12-issue maxi-series that's coming up entitled The Wake.  Illustrated by Sean Murphy, the comic is a horror / sci-fi hybrid dealing with sea mythology and human evolution.  Little else was revealed outside of the logo for the project, but if Snyder's involved, I'm on board.

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Bill Willingham, creator of Fables, discussed some of the upcoming tie-ins to his book.  Of interest to horror fans will be the Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland original graphic novel.  It centers on Bigby Wolf fighting what looks like a whole bunch of werewolves.  Set in Story City (a real place), the book will look to figure out how much of the monster is still lurking just beneath the surface of the character.  Willingham says that it's "chock full of werewolves."

Fables Werewolves Of The Heartland Amazon Uk Fables Werewolves Of The Heartland Amazon Us


Artist Sean Murphy talked briefly about the next storyline of Saucer Country.  They're going to get a little more into the political side of things in the next arc.  

By far the most awkward part of the panel came when Karen Berger brought up the cover for the Spaceman deluxe edition release.  Writer Brian Azzarello answered a question about the strange dialect used throughout the book, explaining that "language evolves just as society devolves."  I don't really know what that means, but it sure sounded cool.  He also said "I like to listen to you."  This wasn't the awkward part.  That came when Berger asked how many people in the audience read Spaceman and then how many people were waiting for the trade.  Of the maybe 200 people in attendance, there were about a dozen hands raised in total.  This was not the first time that the audience was polled to similar results, but Azzarello was the only one to finally say something about it.  When asked for any other questions, he asked if she could stop asking these kinds of questions.

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Vertigo's next horror anthology is due out on Halloween.  This year's topic is ghosts and will feature stories by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire.  Also included in this book will be Joe Kubert's last comic.  He wrote and drew a story, but it was not colored.  Kubert's sons asked that Vertigo publish it as is.  

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We were reminded that there's a new Sandman mini-series on the way, but no new details were provided.  It takes place before the first issue of Sandman and deals with the war that Dream went through.  You'll also meet the parents of the Endless.  Written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by J.H. Williams III, the book is expected by late 2013.  At least this time the art was shown in the correct direction.  Also on the Sandman front, there's a box set on the way that includes all ten volumes of the main series as well as a Death collected edition, and the second volume of the Annotated Sandman.

Death Deluxe Edition Amazon Uk Death Deluxe Edition Amazon Us The Annotated Sandman 2 Amazon Uk The Annotated Sandman 2 Amazon Us


Then we came to my favorite part of the panel: Fan questions.  These are usually lackluster with awkward fans coming up to swoon over the creators.  There was some of that, but then this one guy threw out a side note to Azzarello, asking him to come back to Vertigo and make more books that were more in his style like 100 Bullets.  The writer exploded, yelling "Buy my fucking books!"  Everyone laughed and he was totally justified in the remark.  






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