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Diana Leto is the co-creator and design director for the Halloween Legion. She also illustrated the origin story entitled "Once Upon a Halloween" included as a backup within the graphic novel release of "The Great Goblin Invasion." She was kind enough to sit down with me to discuss the book after a signing at the Dark Horse booth at New York Comic Con.

James Ferguson: Can you give a quick recap as to what Halloween Legion is about?

Diana Leto: The Halloween Legion is about the world's weirdest super heroes. It has the basic Halloween characters with the Skeleton, the Witch, the Ghost, the Black Cat, and a young girl named Molly who dresses in a devil costume, who is discovering new super powers.

JF: How did the story come about?

DL: Martin Powell and I created the characters. It was initially Martin's idea and we started building it together. We came up with the idea for the graphic novel. Mostly we wanted to focus on things like how it's an all-ages comic and send the positive messages about how it's good to be different, how you should enjoy Halloween, things like courage and self-esteem and how having friends is like having a super power.

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JF: How did the group come together?

DL: It's funny because if you read the backup story “Once Upon a Halloween”, which was illustrated by myself and written by Martin Powell, we made a point of making sure that was in the book because it says exactly how the story came to be. It's Martin's first experience trick-or-treating. We added a little magical element to it to show how kids should take what inspires them when they're younger to follow their dreams later on.

JF: One of the characters, Freddy, was obviously once a young boy but is now a ghost. Will there be any sort of reveal as to what happened to him?

DL: Yes, we're working on some additional stories after this. There is a prose book which takes place before the graphic novel which is how they came together, so this is actually the second story. We're focusing on sub-sections. We're doing an Autumn the cat story next, which is going to be for charity. And yes, we're going to dive deeper into what happened to Freddy and more with Molly.

JF: Based on what the Skeleton says, Freddy has the potential to be the most powerful member of the Halloween Legion. Why is that?

DL: I don't think I can reveal those secrets just yet. There are a lot of secrets to come. We learn a little bit more about the Witch in the graphic novel, but I can't reveal anything else. I hope everyone will keep reading and find out.

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JF: Are there any other Halloween heroes that could join the Legion?

DL: I guess we've discussed that some. We know one additional Halloween character that is going to join, so you can look forward to seeing that, but other than that, I can't say.

JF: Are there plans for further adventures of the Halloween Legion? It sounds like there are.

DL: There definitely are. I was just at a kids Comic Con event where I showed my drawing sheets for Autumn the cat, which is a story where we talk about how Autumn is actually the leader of the group. It's funny because you wouldn't think of the black cat as the leader, but we're going to talk a little bit about that. Martin and I are also working on a story where Molly has more adventures where she is growing up. She's a young girl and becoming a teenager.

JF: Would it be the same creative team working on the next project?

DL: It will always be me and Martin because we co-own the property together. I think we're probably going to explore different types of illustration styles.

JF: Has there been any discussion about bringing the team to another medium? I'd love to see a cartoon starring these characters.

DL: There has been talk about that and we're hoping that something will happen.

JF: While there are more adventures coming, you had mentioned there's a prose novel available as well. Where can we find that?

DL: Technically this graphic novel is called The Halloween Legion: The Great Goblin Invasion. The prose novel is called The Halloween Legion. It talks about how the group initially gets together, which I read in a lot of reviews that they were looking to see how that happened. So if you check out the prose book, you'll find out. We've been talking about possibly creating a graphic novel of the prose book too.

The Halloween Legion: The Great Goblin Invasion is currently available at your local comic shop and through Dark Horse Digital. Horror DNA would like to thank Diana Leto for sitting with us during New York Comic Con.

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