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Dynamite Entertainment didn't have an official booth at New York Comic Con this year, but that didn't stop it from making its presence known. They had several panels that were filled with numerous announcements. I've gone through the press releases to pull out the relevant horror titles for you because that's just the kind of guy I am.

The publisher got the party started with the announcement of the first ever five-week crossover event for its books entitled Li'l Dynamite. A series of one-shots will run through the month of January featuring Li'l Sonja, Li'l Evil Ernie, Li'l Battlestar Galactica, Li'l Vampi, and Li'l Bionic Kids. In addition to fun stories and artwork, each issue will include a two-page activity sheet for everyone to enjoy. Every issue will feature two adorable covers. The first will be a regular interlocking edition with artwork from Art Baltazar while a subscription only variant cover will be handled by Agnes Garbowska.

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While not all of these are horror related, the miniaturized versions of Vampirella and Evil Ernie certainly are. Li'l Vampi will be written by Eric Trautmann with interior artwork by Agnes Garbowska and Li'l Evil Ernie will be written and illustrated by Roger Langridge. Here are the write ups for each:

Welcome to Stoker, Maine, the most normal, boring town in the world... or is it?  There are sea serpents roaming the docks, a mummy in the town hall, and a gaggle of ghouls and goblins just devoured the breakfast cereal aisle at the local Shop-O-Mart!  What is behind this monstrous rampage, and can it be stopped?  When there are spooks afoot and arcane mysteries to be solved, it's time for Vampirella, teen scourge of the supernatural, to crack the case!  In-stores January 8, 2014.

Writer Eric Trautmann says, "There's a real shortage of genuinely all-ages comics, something fun for adults as well as kids.  So, when I was asked to cook up an all-ages Vampirella story, I jumped at the chance.  I tend to work in darker territory in a lot of my work, so the opportunity to just cut loose and do some character-driven, humorous material is something I've wanted to do for a long time."

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Ernest Fairchild is the most evil kid on the block.  Why, he never eats his vegetables, his library books are sometimes three weeks late, and he once xeroxed his own butt!  Can Mister Smiley, his annoying yet strangely ineffectual conscience, make him change his ways?  And are Daddy Fairchild's blank eyes somehow related to his peculiar odor, rotting flesh, and appetite for human brains?  Get a copy for yourself and one for the kids... it's wall-to-wall zombie fun for all the family!  In-stores January 22, 2014.

Writer Roger Langridge says, "It's great to see Dynamite making an effort to expand its audience with a roster of kids' comics.  I'm delighted to be involved with any effort to reach younger readers - and, of course, I'm using my command of the craft and my sense of humor to try to appeal to older readers at the same time. Like all my kids' comics, Li'l Ernie is written with one big kid in mind as its ideal audience: myself."

Next up on the release train is the return of Chaos! Comics, led by Tim Seeley. This was a publisher that operated from 1994 through 2002 which had gone bankrupt. Dynamite acquired most of the characters, including Evil Ernie, Purgatori, and Chastity. Seeley will write the six issue event series with artwork by Mirka Andolfo.

"Evil Ernie came out when I was a teenager, when I was looking for something dangerous, scary, and sexy to read, and I loved it," says Tim Seeley, referring to the original Chaos! Comics publishing era which took the industry by storm in the 1990s.  "It was like punk music, late night horror movies, and a lingerie catalog rolled into one perfect creation. To say it had an effect on my work as a comics professional is a bit of an understatement!"

"The Chaos! universe gave rise to the kind of comics that would, depending on your age, make you hide them under your bed, tattoo the characters across your body, or paint them on the side of your van.  Their characters inspired such intense reactions from readers.  I want to be part of that.  I want to really harness what made characters like Purgatori, Chastity, Evil Ernie, and The Omen so unique and special both for existing fans... and a whole new generation with room under their beds."

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"With Halloween right around the corner, it's the perfect time to announce the full-scale Chaos! Comics revival," says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment.  "Whenever you flipped the pages of an Evil Ernie, Cremator, or Bad Kitty comic, it was like your own private All Hallows Eve party.  Skulls and gore, vicious attitudes and zombie hordes, buxom beauties and malevolent metalheads -- Chaos! Comics reveled in the rebel spirit of its hardcore audience."

The first issue of the Chaos! Comics revival is slated for release in early 2014.

Crossovers and returns seemed to be the theme for Dynamite Entertainment's NYCC lineup. The final horror announcement came in the form of a femme fatale meeting. Michael Linsner's Dawn will be sharing the spotlight with Vampirella in the upcoming Dawn / Vampirella six-issue mini-series. Linsner will write and provide covers for the series, set for release in early 2014.

Dawn / Vampirella kicks off with a ten-headed demon named Ravana, who tricks the ladies and holds them hostage. With two hot chicks as captive, he looks to mate with one of them to “usher in a new age.” The pair is forced to do battle, but decide to do so in a more feminine contest. No, it's not a pillow fight or Jell-O wrestling. They duke it out in a competition of storytelling prowess. If Dawn wins, the new age will be one of light, but if Vampirella wins, it will be one of darkness. Ultimately they'll have to work together to stop Ravana, but is there any common ground between a Goddess and a Vampire?

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"Vampirella is comic book royalty, right up there with Wonder Woman, Sue Storm, and Red Sonja," says Linsner.  "She is an icon; there is only one Vampi.  In many ways, she is the original independent 'Bad Girl.'  She started in black and white, and so did Dawn.  It is an extreme honor to have Dawn share the stage with Vampirella in her very first crossover."

I'm not very familiar with Dynamite Entertainment's array of comics, but some of these announcements have me very interested. I'm most intrigued by Tim Seeley's work on Chaos! Comics based on his great track record recently with books like The Occultist and Revival.

Which announcement are you most looking forward to from Dynamite?





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