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Archie Comics was on hand at New York Comic Con for another Archie Forever panel, similar to the one the publisher held at Special Edition NYC earlier this year. This time around there was a slightly different cast of characters. Alex Segura, senior vice president of publicity and marketing, moderated the panel consisting of Publisher / Co-CEO Jon Goldwater, writer of Afterlife with Archie and Sabrina; Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, artist of Sabrina; and Robert Hack and a few others that don't work on the horror titles. Afterlife with Archie artist Francesco Francavilla was scheduled to attend but unfortunately didn't make it to New York after getting into a car accident on the way to the airport. Don't worry, folks. He's fine.


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The panel kicked off with the discussion of the publisher's second new horror title, Sabrina. NYCC served as the launching point for Afterlife with Archie last year, so it was only fitting that the first issue of Sabrina debuted here as well. Aguirre-Sacasa was asked to tease some upcoming plot points and revealed that the second issue focuses on the character's 16th birthday party, in which a mortal discovers she's a witch. This leads into the next storyline called "The Crucible." Issues #7-#12 are called "Witch War" and have Sabrina's coven in Greendale pitted against the one in Riverdale featuring Betty and Veronica. Miss Grundy is the leader of the Riverdale coven.


The discussion then turned to Afterlife with Archie, which is heading into the holidays. The next two issues (#7 and #8) will take place around Thanksgiving and Christmas, respectively. Issue #8 has the kids trapped in a snowstorm in a place not unlike the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. This is part of the next arc called "Betty R.I.P."


Afterlife with Archie is also getting a second wind as the book will be reprinted in magazine format and available at more locations. Each issue will include some teases for Sabrina as well as some old horror stories from the Archie Comics vault and exclusives like behind-the-scenes information from the creators. The first issue debuted on October 29th.


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While he may be battling zombies and witches, Archie's next adversary is far more intense, which we'll see in April's Archie Meets Predator. This is a crossover with Dark Horse Comics, written by Alex de Campi. The book came about very quickly after Aguirre-Sacasa called the folks at Dark Horse to pitch the idea. The response was, "We're gonna make this happen no matter what." You can read more about Archie Meets Predator with the NYCC announcement here.


After a discussion about some of the other Archie titles, the panel was opened up to Q&A. A fan asked about a possible Afterlife with Archie movie. Goldwater said that they have met with Jason Blum (Founder of Blumhouse Productions and producer of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister, among others) in LA. It's something the publisher is pursuing, but it will come about at the right time when they have the right director in place.


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Someone asked about Josie and the Pussycats. It was revealed that Josie will make a cameo in Afterlife with Archie #7 before taking on a lead role in the third arc called "Archie is Legend."


As Archie is meeting Predator, a fan asked if he can meet Aliens next. "It's been mentioned," was the reply. Someone shouted "Veronica as Sigorney Weaver!" and that's where the panel ended.


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