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Archie Meets Predator 00

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NYCC 2014: Archie Meets Predator.  ‘Nuff Said



There were all kinds of announcements and stuff to see at this year's New York Comic Con. None of them came close to a crossover that I didn't know I wanted until the moment it was revealed. Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics are teaming up to bring us Archie Meets Predator. You're welcome, world.


Written by Alex de Campi (Grindhouse) and illustrated by Fernando Ruiz, the book follows Archie and friends as they head to Costa Rica for spring break. Parties and beach games are soon replaced by terror when a trophy-collecting Predator starts hunting them down one by one. Will the kids even realize they're in danger before it claims them all?


"In the grand tradition of Archie Meets the Punisher and Archie Meets Kiss, we're unbelievably excited to partner with Dark Horse to show what happens when the Predator comes to Riverdale," said Archie Comics publisher/co-CEO Jon Goldwater. "It's going to be a surprising, energetic, and must-read series, and we're so glad Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz are joining forces to tell this off-the-wall story."


This sounds like an incredibly fun book. The fact that Alex de Campi is writing it will ensure that it will be a gore-filled blast.


Archie Meets Predator #1 will be available in April 2015.










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NYCC 2014: Archie Meets Predator.  ‘Nuff Said

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