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Ghostbusters Vinyl 00

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It's hard to believe that Ghostbusters is 30 years old, but it is having one helluva birthday party. We've seen special screenings of the movie, new Blu-Ray releases, and an entire art show. Now the music is getting its due thanks to Legacy Recordings with the release of the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Deluxe Edition Vinyl. This 12" collectible is a white record featuring the infamous song by Ray Parker Jr. and the rap remix version from Run-DMC from Ghostbusters II.


To sweeten the pot a bit, this edition includes two 12x12 Stay Puft 3D lenticular images from the film and one 12x12 Stay Puft 3D motion lenticular image, all wrapped in a marshmallow scented jacket. As an added bonus, you'll receive a free 6 inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figurine with your purchase through the Ghostbusters Store.


This version is limited to just 3,000 copies and is only available through the Ghostbusters Store, however a standard version will be available without some of the bells and whistles on October 21st.










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