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NYCC 2015: Dark Horse Creators: Crafting The Original Story Panel Recap


Dark Horse Comics gathered a star-studded group of panelists to discuss a number of current and upcoming creator-owned projects. On hand were Greg Pak (Kingsway West), Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal (The Paybacks), Christopher Golden (Joe Golem), Ethan Young (Nanjing: The Burning City), Jonathan Case (The New Deal), and Van Jensen (Cryptocracy).  Dark Horse Publicity Coordinator Steve Sunu moderated the panel with gusto.

Things kicked off with some announcements from Van Jensen, who has two new titles coming soon from the publisher, Cryptocracy and Two Dead. These are his first creator-owned series in four years. The former, illustrated by Pete Woods, is due out in May 2016 and follows a secret society that's behind every major conspiracy in history...and why they're being killed.  Cryptocracy was in the works for six years before coming together.

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Jensen was a crime reporter from 2005-2007 where he found a story that would become Two Dead. Other ideas popped up, like a dream he had about a magician that worked for the mob that Jensen quickly realized was not worth pursuing.  Two Dead begins in September 2016 with artist Nate Powell.  The book is set in 1947 Little Rock and the conspiracy, violence, racism, and madness that led to a tragic true crime murder-suicide.

Greg Pak spoke briefly about his upcoming series Kingsway West, which was described as an Old West gunslinger with magic.  Some teaser art was shown featuring killer jackalopes.  This series begins in July 2016.

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Christopher Golden talked about the expansion of the Mignolaverse with the upcoming Joe Golem: Occult Detective. When he first co-wrote the original novel with Mike Mignola, he said they always thought this should be a comic. They just needed to find the right artist. The title character is a 15th century golem created to fight witches. It's set in an alternate version of New York City where half of Manhattan is underwater after a massive earthquake. Joe is awoken by an old man named Simon Church, who sees the creature as his sidekick.  This opinion is not shared by Joe. The first arc, illustrated by Patric Reynolds, is The Case of the Rat Catcher, featuring something stealing orphans in New York.

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Sunu closed out the panel with an announcement of a new Lone Wolf and Cub series coming in January 2016. Set in the future, Cub is a cure to a post-apocalyptic disease and Lone Wolf is a cyborg sworn to protect her. The book is written by Eric Heisener and illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda.  Look for further details on this and the other announced projects soon.

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