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The final panel for Friday was one that I just had to go to for Horror DNA.  It was moderated by Mark L. Miller, writer of Nanny & Hank, and featured many horror writers and artists including one of my personal favorites, Ben Templesmith.

The panel kicked off with Miller asking everyone to introduce themselves and explain what scared them.  Templesmith pointed out that sand in his crotch scared him.  Meanwhile, Menton3, the artist and co-writer for Monocyte, explained that Templesmith scared him.  

When asked what makes a good horror story, the panel agreed that pacing was a huge part of it.  Unlike in movies where you can tell the viewer when to be scared using music, comic book writers have to make sure that their timing is precise if they want to really scare a reader.  Character was also brought up.

Miller asked what, if anything, the panelists didn't like about horror.  Templesmith explained that he thought the wolf man story was just boring now, but some of the others disagreed, pointing out that a man in a wolf suit is boring but the idea of being unable to control oneself and one's actions is what is scary about it.  Ironically, Templesmith wrote and drew a werewolf story a few years ago.  

The group discussed the trends that have been seen in horror in recent years, most notably the current vampire and zombie craze.  They felt that both were on their way out, but were unsure as to what would come next.  They're definitely going to come back at some point though.

A fan asked the panel if they thought it was taboo to have horror and comedy mix.  No one understood the fan's question as they all agreed that the two were usually very close together.  This segued into a discussion of stories that would be considered taboo.  Brandon Seifert, writer of Witch Doctor from Image Comics, said that he has a story in a closed journal somewhere called "Rosemary's Abortion" that he doesn't think will ever see the light of day.  He did point out that he had a baby shaking scene in the second issue of Witch Doctor, but it was a really evil baby.  Menton3 chimed in saying that he decapitates a baby in issue three of Monocyte.

Another fan asked about The X-Files, explaining that he was a big fan but the episode that scared him the most was Home.  This episode was grounded in real life with no supernatural element at all.  This idea, while uninteresting to some of the panelists, can be the most terrifying horror there is.  Tim Seeley, writer of Hack/Slash from Image Comics, said "That's true, but would you have watched X-Files every week if they were all about rapey rednecks?"  Good point.



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