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Something Is Killing The Children 19 Large

Erica's most dangerous test continues in the next chapter of this stellar horror series.

The Retaliators Poster Large

A world premiere for Samuel Gonzalez Jr. & Bridget Smith's The Retaliators

Sound Of Violence Poster Large

Alex Noyer's Sound of Violence UK premieres at FrightFest 2021

Laguna Ave Poster Large

Laguna Ave. gets its world premiere at Frightfest 2021

Nick Kolakowski Poster Large

Author Nick Kolakowski shares some insight into his latest novel, Absolute Unit.

Just Beyond Monstrosity Large

The next middle grade horror from R.L. Stine debuts in October and we've got an early look.

Proctor Valley Road 5 Large

Check out an early look at the final issue of this frightening series.

Double Walker Large

James chats with the creators of the new graphic novel debuting next week from ComiXology Originals.

Hailstone 3 Large

The unsettling digital first series continues next week.

Lady Baltimore 4 Large

Get an early look at this week's Outerverse title.

Not Alone Large

James speaks with the creator of the upcoming zombie graphic novel from BHC Press.

Villimey Mist Large

Author Villimey Mist returns with another piece! This time she talks about some of the terrifying creatures of Iceland lore.

Something Is Killing The Children 17 Large

What turned Erica into a monster hunter?

Moon Lake Large

James speaks with the creator of the horror / comedy anthology series, making its return from Heavy Metal.

Pc Horror Gaming Cover

Bedding in for a horror gaming session? Bear these tips in mind for the best experience.

Proctor Valley Road 4 Large

Check out an early look at the next chapter of the eerie series about the haunted road.

The Keep Large

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary novel with a brand new version illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith.

Red Room 1 Large

James speaks with the creator of the new splatterpunk series from Fantagraphics.

Hailstone 1 Large

James speaks with the writer of the new weird-fiction series currently on ComiXology.

House Of Lost Horizons 1 Large

James speaks to the co-writer of the new series set in the Hellboy Universe.


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