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The Mist Poster Large

Over time, The Mist has aged like a fine wine and The Walking Dead continues to shamble on to mixed reviews with a still voracious appetite. What’s the connection, though?

Bbc Dracula Poster Large

With BBC/Netflix series Dracula making waves, Ren takes a look at how it stacks up against the original text.

Sweet Heart 1 Large

James chats with the writer of the creepy horror comic, coming soon from Action Lab: Danger Zone.

The Barge People Main

Hellboy and alligators and zombies, oh my!

Josie In Space 4 Large

This is an Alien-themed issue of this book. I swear it's horror.

Red Mother 3 Large

Get an early look at the next issue of the haunting series.

Bprd Devil You Know Omnibus Large

Check out the cover for the upcoming massive collection concluding the epic B.P.R.D. saga.

Blackwood Mourning After 1 Large

This great series returns next month and we've got a sneak peek.

Tales From Harrow County 2 Large

The terror continues in the next chapter of this creepy mini-series.

Daphne Byrne 1 Large

James chats with the creative team behind the latest Hill House Comics title.

Stuarts Best Discoveries Of 2019 Poster Large

Need a list to properly shame me with? These are things that I haven't seen before. Go ahead and judge me!

Doctor Sleep Poster Large

Take a bite out of Big Daddy Stu's best theatrical releases and TV fare from 2019...it's good stuff!

In Search Of Darkness Large

Stuart brings you the horror that you absolutely should not miss. It's his bloody Christmas present to you!

Replacer 00

James runs down the top terrors of spooky funny books of the year.

Tony Jones Top10 Books 2019 Large

Looking for that next book to read? Check out Tony's top 10 horror novels of 2019!

Horror Games For Christmas 2019

Check out all the horror games they should be unwrapping this Christmas.

Vengeance Of Vampirella 4 Ali Large

One of our own graces the cover for January's Vengeance of Vampirella #4.

Just Beyond Happy Landings Large

R.L. Stine continues to terrify in the next graphic novel from BOOM! Studios

The Plot 4 Large

Check out a sneak peek of how the first arc of Vault Comics' horror series wraps up.

John Constantine Hellblazer 2 Large

We've got a look at this week's issue of Hellblazer just for you!


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