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Prime Gets Slimed – Talking Transformers / Ghostbusters with Artist Dan Schoening

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

Two titans of pop culture are set to collide this June in Transformers / Ghostbusters from IDW Publishing. Written by Erik Burnham and illustrated by Dan Schoening, the longtime creative team behind tons of great Ghostbusters comics, the series is making my inner child explode and it's not even out yet. I had a chance to speak with Schoening about the project.

"GHOSTS OF CYBERTRON" PART 1! After years of civil war, the Autobots fled Cybertron, leaving their home planet in the evil clutches of Megatron and his Decepticons. Years later and millions of miles away, the Autobots pick up a Cybertronian distress signal from a mysterious planet called Earth. The ghostly signal shouldn't exist, and it'll bring Optimus Prime and his team-including brand-new Autobot ECTOTRON-face-to-face with... the GHOSTBUSTERS!

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James Ferguson: The Ghostbusters have seen alternate versions of themselves, crossovers with iconic characters, and ghosts galore. What do you think it is about them that makes them such a powerful and long-standing part of pop culture?

Dan Schoening: One of the greatest things about Ghostbusters is that anyone can be one, and I love that aspect. Also, each interpretation of Ghostbusters brings a cool new vision, expanding on the idea of mere mortals catching (in a safe and secure Containment Unit, might I add) ghosts, ghouls and specters.

JF: Ectotron, a new Cybertronian taking the form of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1, will play a part in this series. Can you shed any light on Ectotron’s role in Transformers / Ghostbusters?

DS: Ectotron is definitely something new. He's a great addition as he creates another dynamic for all the characters to play off of. I think his best friend may be Bumblebee.

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JF: Which Transformers characters were you most excited to draw in this series?

DS: I'd have to say Soundwave. He's a cool design and with Erik's great writing, I can always hear Soundwave's iconic voice when reading his lines.

JF: What personalities were the most fun to clash between the Ghostbusters and Transformers casts?

DS: Definitely Peter Venkman and Starscream. I'm enjoying their dynamic, LOL.

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Horror DNA would like to thank Dan Schoening for taking the time to speak with us. Transformers / Ghostbusters #1 is set for release on June 26th, 2019. The final order cutoff date for comic shops is June 3rd, 2019.

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