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Surgeon Simulator Dinner



Written by Daniel Benson


There's this girl I know from London who's crazy. Not in a "Hey, look at me I'm so wacky!" way, she's proper, off her rocker bonkers. She's Miss Cakehead and she's the creative publicity specialist behind recent events such as the Terminus Tavern Human Flesh Burgers and Cakeageddon: The World's First Edible Horror Farm. Put it this way: if I worked in publicity there's no way I'd want my campaigns to be up against hers. There's no contest between a screener for a new film release against her swimming pools full of blood (for Resident Evil 6), or even her press releases she screen printed in her own blood. Yes, really.


So why am I telling you all this? Well, tonight we'll be sending Katie Bonham along to Miss Cakehead's latest sick soiree, a Surgeon Dinner to celebrate the release of Bossa Studios' Surgeon Simulator for iPhone and iPad. Already a popular game on PC and Mac, the medical simulation challenges players to carry out a variety of surgical procedures such as brain and liver transplants.


So what's to be expected from this deviant dinner date? Read on for the full macabre menu and look out for Katie's report later this week.


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Unique feast experience from 'Messhead' celebrates the latest release of Surgeon Simulator, available on iPhone for the first ever time. Inspired by some of the 50+ different achievements – and 9 operations – on Surgeon Simulator the menu is set to feature a range of unique dining options such as a tooth transplant and smashing open a 'brain' with a hammer.


Cracking open ribs to access the meat underneath, scooping out bone marrow and – celebrating the app being available for iPhone for the first ever time – fishing out edible iPhones from deep within Bob's torso are just some of the experiences diners can enjoy.


The entire feast will be hosted by patient 'Bob' who will be bringing the macabre humour the game is known for to the table (literally!) – this being the first ever time by Bossa Studios have brought this character to life.


Surgeon Simulator Screenshot 02

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As with all surgery, guests will be expected to scrub up for dinner and attend in full surgical gowns. There will also be no knives and forks on the table, instead guests will be required to eat their meal with the same tools Nigel uses during surgery including tweezers, bonesaws, surgical scissors, circular saws and hammers – all essential if your 'dining table' has a live patient in the middle of it! At the end of the meal guests will also be marked on their ability to conduct surgery with 'achievements' even including brutal murder!


The event is set to take place on 5th and 6th of November at a secret London location, with a limited number of tickets are available to the public for the second date follow the #SurgeonDinner for more details.



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