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Taylor Grant is the Editor in Chief of Evil Jester Comics, the sister company to Evil Jester Press.  He's looking to make a splash in the world of horror comics with Evil Jester Presents, a series of graphic novels in the vein of old school magazines like Creepy and Eerie.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Taylor about this new project.


James Ferguson: Can you first tell me a bit about what Evil Jester Presents will be about?

Taylor Grant: In many ways, Evil Jester Presents pays homage to those wonderfully imaginative and twisted horror comics that many of us read as kids. Readers can expect a nostalgic throwback to the golden days of EC Comics, with dark morality tales and shocking twists. Our stories come from the minds of some of the most accomplished writers of horror, fantasy and science fiction working today. Each tale in our comic will be introduced by the Evil Jester, including his horrific origin tale, “The Gift,” which will reveal how he became so evil in the first place.

JF: It’s like your very own Uncle Creepy! How many stories will be collected in the first volume?

TG: Eight tales that run the gamut of horror. There is really something for everyone.

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JF: Why go with an anthology title and not longer form graphic novels?  Considering the talent involved, there should be lots to work with.

TG: Charles Day (the Co-Founder of Evil Jester Comics) and I are both huge fans of the anthology format. We grew up reading books like Creepy and Eerie and old issues of Tales from the Crypt. The best stories were these wonderfully imaginative morality tales with great twists. Our goal is to capture some of the magic from those classic stories as told by some true masters of contemporary horror.

JF: Evil Jester Press is already an established publisher of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy novels.  Why make the jump into comics now?

TG: We grew up reading comics and we are passionate about the medium. A lot of our readers at Evil Jester Press have expressed their love of graphic novels and comics too, so it seemed like a natural progression. I have to say, the support from the horror community on our first graphic novel has been tremendous.

JF: You've lined up some impressive authors to write the stories in the first volume of Evil Jester Presents.  How did you get people like Jonathan Maberry and William F. Nolan to come on board?

TG: Well, Charles and I are both members of the Horror Writers Association, which has its advantages. We have a lot of contacts in the horror industry. It was just a matter of reaching out through our network. And fortunately, a lot of these big name authors love comics as much as we do!

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JF: Was it difficult finding artists to complement the works of the horror writers that are participating?

TG: We’ve been fortunate to develop some relationships with some great artists right out of the gate through our network. Richard P. Clark, Jason Whitley, Kurt Belcher, Greg Chapman and Gary McClusky have all signed up so far, and we’re negotiating with several other well-known artists who have drawn for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and more.

JF: Where can fans go to check out Evil Jester Presents?

TG: This comic will only be possible through pre-orders, which will help pay for the enormous cost of a 60-page graphic novel. We have an amazing Kickstarter campaign with unbelievable rewards starting at only five dollars. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over, orders can be placed at EvilJesterComics.com.



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