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2017 01 24 Top 10 Indie Horror Games

Ten Independent Horror Games to Keep You Terrified in 2017

Written by Ryan Noble

Now that January is coming to a close, and 2017 is well and truly steaming ahead, it's time to cast our eyes ahead to all of the horror games coming our way this year. After all, without a bit of planning, how will we know where to find our next scare? The next big AAA scare obviously comes from Resident Evil 7, which I hope to be playing – and reviewing – from tomorrow. With such an AAA title scaring the wits out of us, let's have a look at what the independent studios are up to for the rest of the year.

Ordered approximately by release date, here is my list of 10 indie horror games to watch out for in 2017...

outlast 2

Outlast 2

Studio: Red Barrels
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac
Release: Q1 2017

I can't imagine that most people don't already have their night-vision goggles aimed directly at the nightmare-inducing sequel to Outlast, but, just in case, this is definitely a horror game you want to consider in 2017. Based on the recent demo, which I wrote about on my personal blog, this first-person horror sequel will be every bit as scary as the original, and also potentially a bit more trippy.



Studio: Lunar Software
Platforms: PC
Release: March 2017

Set on a moonbase, Routine looks like a mix between Alien Isolation and SOMA, whereby you explore in a first-person perspective as a hostile AI being tries to bring your exploring to a dead end. Literally. You're armed with a tracker/stun-gun tool of sorts, and it looks to slow this AI down, though it doesn't look as if it stops it for long. Better keep moving if you want to stay alive in Routine.

little nightmares

Little Nightmares

Studio: Tarsier Studios
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release: 28 April 2017

Little Nightmares may look pretty cute with its protagonist of Sackboy-esque proportions, but it isn't. It's creepy. It's a dark, eerie puzzle-platformer in which you sneak around the world in the hopes that the disfigured creatures don't see you. If they do, your tiny legs won't get you very far. It looks like Little Big Planet and Inside had a love-child, and I'm kind of digging that.



Studio: SadSquare Studio
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release: Q2 2017

Following the success of the P.T., which turned out to be a teaser for the shouldn't-have-been-cancelled Silent Hills, here comes another game with a similar first-person view, hyper-realistic style and homely setting; Visage. It looks nightmarish. Explore rooms where many have died over the years and find remnants of the past in every nook and cranny.

friday 13th game

Friday the 13th: The Game

Studios: Gun Media and Illfonic
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release: Early 2017

I've lost count of the times I've written about Friday the 13th: The Game, not that I'll ever complain about it because of my undying love for the franchise, but the game's asymmetric multiplayer release is getting so much closer. Based on my impressions of the closed beta, there shouldn't be too many roadblocks to release, so Jason will be hunting down seven counsellors in asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay before we know it.



Studio: Mad Mind Studios
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release: June 2017

Agony was only recently revealed, but it immediately grabbed the interest of horror-lovers due to its highly visceral environments, disturbing imagery, and 15 minutes of intriguing gameplay. In this first-person survival horror, you will be fighting for your life, body and soul as you try to escape Hell. This will involve possessing the bodies of souls that have lost their way, and even demons.

hell neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Studio: Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild
Platforms: PC
Release: Summer 2017

Ever wondered what was in your neighbour's house? Well, here's an entire game to uncovering just that. Despite its colourful exterior, Hello Neighbor is a tense, fast-paced thriller where you'll need to be able to think fast and run faster. The dastardly AI learns as you play and changes its playstyle in order to trap you in your snooping. Read my thoughts on the alpha demo on my personal blog.

last year

Last Year

Studio: Elastic Games
Platform: PC
Release: Mid-August 2017

Last Year had been hiding in the shadows for quite a while since it was fully funded on Kickstarter back in 2014, but the studio has been working away on development and additional funding. Now, it's back with gameplay footage, info on its killers and teenagers - who will be pitted against one another in multiplayer matches of one versus five - and a 2017 release date. Asymmetrical multiplayer horror is hot right now.



Studio: The Deep End Games
Platforms: PS4, PC
Release: 2017

In Perception, which was only recently announced for PS4 release, you'll step into the comfortable shoes of an old lady named Cassie as she tries to survive dark forces at play. She can't see very well anymore, or at all, so she uses echolocation to sense her surroundings. Considering this is a horror game, and one that focuses on psychological horror, she probably won't like what she finds...

allison road

Allison Road

Studio: Far From Home
Platforms: PC (PS4/Xbox One TBC)
Release: TBC

Just like P.T. in gameplay, style, and misfortune, Allison Road was revealed to an incredibly positive reception, only to be cancelled during development for reasons that were never all that clear. Once again, my heart was broken. However, it's back in development in the capable hands of Chris Kefler, the original developer, under the new studio label of Far From Home. Since we've yet to see anything else of the game since its revival, it's definitely wishful thinking for it to be on this list, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be watching out for more information on this title in 2017.

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Ryan Noble
Staff Reviewer
If Ryan isn't watching, reading or playing some form of horror, he's probably writing about it. He used to be an Editor at Indie Game Magazine so he has a soft spot for independent creators, especially when they're creating fear. Whether you're one such creator, or a fellow horror fan, let's speak about spooks on Twitter or email.
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