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READY OR NOT follows young bride, Grace, as she joins her new husband’s rich, eccentric family in a time-honored tradition that turns into a lethal game with everyone fighting for their survival. As the horror unfolds, Grace is forced to fight off and hide in the nooks and crannies of her new in-law’s creepy old mansion leaving audience goers sitting at the edge of their seats. To mark the release of READY OR NOT, which releases nationwide on Wednesday 25th September, we look at some of the best horrors set in old mansions.

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Based on true events, THE CONJURING is a supernatural horror film that sees paranormal investigators Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) come to the aid of the Perron family whose dilapidated Rhode Island farmhouse is haunted by spirits.

Within the first few nights of living there the family is terrorised by the spirit repeatedly. Their dog Sadie refuses to enter the house and one morning they wake to find her dead on the lawn. On investigation, Lorraine and Ed discover that in the 1800’s the farmhouse belonged to an accused witch who sacrificed her week-old child to the devil and cursed the property before killing herself. Subsequently, there appeared to be numerous murders and suicides that occurred on the property after.

There is no doubt this is one of the scariest films set in a haunted house, and if you haven’t seen this yet, be prepared for many sleepless nights.

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James Watkins THE WOMAN IN BLACK is the second film adaptation of Susan Hill’s 1983 book which holds the same name. Set in the early 20th century the story follows Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a young lawyer whose wife recently died from childbirth. Arthur travels to a remote village for work where he is instructed to retrieve the documents from the deceased owner of Eel Marsh House to commence the sale of the dismal property.
It is not an easy journey to the house to say the least. There is a single pathway that is only accessible at certain times due to the rising tide and it is permanently engulfed in fog. Arthur soon realises all is not as it seems at Eel Marsh and whilst staying the night there he encounters the woman in black. On return to the village he is unwelcomed by the locals as they blame his encounter with the woman in black for the death of their children.
This chilling adaptation is not one to be missed and as far as haunted houses go, this is definitely up there.

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THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE is arguably one of the scariest horrors going. Loosely based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel with the same name, the series is set in 1992 and follows the effects living in Hill House had on the Crain family.

The Crain family moved to Hill house with plans to renovate and sell the house, so they can build their own. The renovation takes longer than they had initially planned and before long they begin to experience extreme paranormal activity. The events they encounter whilst living in Hill House lead to a tragic loss and the family have no choice but to try and escape the house. Twenty-six years later the siblings re-unite to confront the experiences they faced when living there.

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Based on real events, THE AMITYVILLE follows the claimed experiences of the Lutz family who bought a new house in Amityville New York where a mass murder was committed a year before. Unusually, this doesn’t discourage the couple in purchasing the property as they think it is impossible that the house could be cursed. However, Kathy Lutz decides to have Father Delaney bless the house for precaution, but he is unable to do so. After entering the house Delaney experiences a series of horrifying events that result in a nervous breakdown.

After a short time, things start to go wrong for the Lutz family and the paranormal activity quickly gets progressively worse driving the family out of the house, abandoning the property and all their belongings.

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From the outside, the house in the POLTERGEIST looks like every other house in Orange County, California and the Freelings live an exceptionally normal life. But things aren’t as they seem. One night Carol Freeling wakes from static playing on the television, and whilst investigating a ghostly white hand emerges from the television. Unusual happenings begin to occur and quickly intensify.

They soon learn that the house was built where a graveyard once was, and instead of relocating the graves, the headstones were simply removed leaving the coffins below. With the help of parapsychologists, the Freelings are informed that they are experiencing a poltergeist intrusion. Constantly haunted by ghostly figures and ‘the beast’, as long as the Freelings live in the house they are cursed.



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