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The Coolest Custom Action Figures That You Didn’t Know Existed

Written by R.J. MacReady

A lot of people don’t know much about Etsy. You ask them if they’ve been there, and they will think it over and ask you, “Isn’t that where people sell sweaters they’ve knitted?”

It is, indeed, but it’s also a place where you can find all sorts of custom—and yes, bootleg—items featuring your favorite horror movies. Beach towels, cell phone cases, VHS lights, action figures and more!

I thought you might want to see some of the more interesting ones I’ve come across, but if you want one then be quick; they tend to go fast, but can be on the expensive side.

Editor's note: When R.J. wrote this, most of these were in stock. Many are out of stock now, but it may be worth contacting the seller to see if they will be creating more. Etsy sellers are very accessible. 

killer klowns from outer space
Got a hankering for the Killer Klowns From Outer Space cotton candy? Click here to get some!
thir13en ghosts This is too expensive, but neat to look at. The naked ghost from 13 Ghosts! Click here to get it!
the exorcist If green vomit is your thing, this Regan figure is right up your alley. Purchase the adorable little tyke here.
predator Jim Hopper—no, not Stranger Things Jim Hopper—the original from Predator, albeit minus his skin. Get your own skinless Jim Hopper.
the black hole This thing from the Black Hole scared me as a kid, but I was also a wussy. If you think you can handle it, click here to buy your own.
rubber Do you like that quirky movie about the tire that kills people? Then own it! (Pretend to) mow down people yourself!
the amityville horror Who doesn’t want a swarm of flies from the Amityville House? You know you do.
the return of the living dead It’s not a bag of rabid weasels, so be careful if you open the bag...Go and get yourself your own bag.
jurassic park poop That IS one big pile of shit! Impress your friends and family!
jurassic park ray arnold Ah ah ah, he didn’t say the magic word, and also he ran into a velociraptor. Pets will turn on you!
the naked gun This one sold out, but maybe it will return. People just can’t get enough of a nice beaver!
city of the living dead There’s an entire line of Italian and Giallo figures:

Father Thomas from City of the Living Dead. Keep your mouth shut or your innards may spew out! Confess your sins here.

profondo rosso 02  Clara Calamai as Marta Manganiello from Deep Red. Get your own!
profondo rosso 02  Daria Nicolodi as Gianna Brezzi from Deep Red. Get both and have a party!
demonia  Lucio Fulci as Inspector Carter from Demonia. Start your own investigation.
lucio fulci  If you just want the director as himself, you’ve got that option too. Check it out here.
dario argento  And the master himself, Dario Argento! You too can be the director!
the fly  Too expensive but legitimately looks like the creature from the movie. The Brundlefly! Go and capture one for yourself.
the incredible melting snow man  So photo-realistic that you’ll swear Chuck Norris is in your house! Maybe not, but it’ll probably make you laugh if it’s sitting on your shelf.
the incredible melting snow man  Not from a movie, but very cool anyway! A gory melting snowman!
jason vorhees Lastly, not an action figure but still very cool. A miniature Jason made of tin!

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About The Author
R.J. MacReady
Staff Reviewer - USA
RJ MacReady digs horror movies, even though his first memory of horror films is watching the first Friday the 13th movie while a bear mauled his family in the other room. He admits that most of his bio is as fake as his moniker, but witness protection won't let him use his real name.
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