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The Ride: Burning Desire from Image Comics reunites Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard, the team behind one of my favorite comics of 2017, Plastic. The main story deals with murder, mayhem, and more in a noir-infused journey. Each issue features a back-up story and we've got an exclusive preview of the one featured in issue #4, due out this week. Tomm Coker returns to The Ride to tell the story of a young woman who witnesses her father make a Faustian deal fighting Satanic cult members. I hope you're reading for some '80s VHS grindhouse fun.

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The Ride: Burning Desire #4 is set for release on September 25th, 2019.

Ride Burning Desire 4 Small
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Ride Burning Desire 4 Small
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Ride Burning Desire 4 Small
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