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The Top 10 Horror Movies on Tubi For Free That I Would Watch Before I'd Watch Any Rob Zombie Movie: DMV Edition

Written by R.J. MacReady

Welcome to the re-imagined column! It's been a long time, but now that Amazon has removed so many great indie horror flicks, we've had to go elsewhere for that fix. Lucky for us, the fix is already out there!

Say hello to Tubi! Stocked full of content, they have more horror flicks than Amazon did in their heyday. You have to put up with a few commercials, but I just use that time to go up and grab another beer. Keeps me on pace, you know?

You don't even have to have an account – you can start watching as a guest, but it's worth signing up for a free account; you can add movies to a queue, and it will keep track of where you stopped watching whatever masterpiece you were glued to when you passed out.

If you read the other columns, you probably remember that I specifically picked out Rob Zombie's Halloween as the focus of my snark, but after looking at his miserable career of making horrible movies I've decided to just broaden it because holy shit, just when you think he can't get worse, he puts out The Munsters...

Did I mention that my views don't necessarily reflect Horror DNA's views? So complain to me, not to them. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This list is mostly going to spotlight a lot of B and super low-budget films, so if you don't like that kind of movie, then you're not going to want to watch these. For everybody else, give them a shot.

This time I get even more specific, highlighting some of the indie filmmakers from my neck of the woods – the DMV (Delaware Maryland Virginia area). Next time I'll go broader again.

shriekshow poster small Shriekshow

Filmmaker Brad Twigg has been cranking out low-budget horror flicks full of blood and boobs for years, and you can see his newest as well as some of his other flicks by following the link. It's an anthology featuring a creepy carnival, scary clowns, a naked murderous woman and more. Featuring cameos by Felicia Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Tuesday Knight (Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Beverly Randolph (Return of the Living Dead) and more.

You can find it and some other Twigg films here: https://bit.ly/fuzzyontubi

Terrortory Poster Small Terrortory 1 & 2

These were featured on my Amazon lists back in the day, but now they're only free on Tubi. The first movie became an "Amazon Star" on its release, becoming one of the top 100 movies on Amazon out of ALL movies, which is quite a feat for a movie whose budget is reportedly under $10,000. The second movie improves greatly on the first and fleshes out the mythology of the area. Featuring adult star Nadia White, Penthouse-Pet-of-the-Month Stormi Maya, Johnny Alonso (Dawson's Creek, Coffin), Melissa LaMartina (Call Girl of Cthulhu), Richard Cutting (Garden of Hedon) and more.

7th Day Poster Small 7th Day

A dark, disturbing little ditty from FX-guru Jason Koch (ABC's of Death 2, V/H/S/2) starring a host of Maryland talent from Richard Cutting to Jessy Danner (Jebediah, Garden of Hedon) to Nicolette Le Fay (Chainsaw Sally). For fans of serial-killer flicks like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.


Call Girl Cthulhu Poster Small Call Girl of Cthulhu

Baltimore-based filmmaker Chris LaMartina has been a name in indie film for quite a while, finally breaking in big with his WNUF Halloween Special that's on Shudder. But this is his biggest movie in terms of budget and scale and features a ton of the campy blood and gore that his fans love. Starring his wife Melissa LaMartina (Terrortory) as well as legend George Stover. (Night Beast and way too many others to name.)


The Midnight Disease Poster Small The Midnight Disease

More of a psychological horror than blood-and-guts, this features a host of recognizable faces from the DMV area like Chris O'Brocki (Shriekshow, Fear of Clowns 2), Katie Foster (The Maladusted), Mike Hodge (Bounty) and Sydney Allen (Terrortory). It's about an author experiencing writer's block who discovers a literal muse to help him write, but she comes with an expensive price.


The Murder Game Poster Small Murder Game

A group of teens decides to play the "Murder Game" at an empty storage warehouse, but the game becomes real as they begin dying off. An entertaining minimalist slasher from writers Robert Harari and Jason Contino, directed by Harari.


Find our Horror DNA review here: https://www.horrordna.com/movies/the-murder-game-dvd-review

Bigfoot Path Of The Beast Poster Small Bigfoot: Path of the Beast

From actor/director Justin Snyder comes this tale of a man obsessed with hunting down the creature he's sure took his wife. If you're looking for a low-budget Bigfoot fix, this has you covered.


Chainsaw Sally Poster Small Chainsaw Sally

A young woman snaps and starts to murder people, and you can probably guess from the title what weapon she chooses. Directed by Jimmyo Burril, and features some cameos from big names like Gunnar Hansen and Herschell Gordon Lewis.


Plan 9 Poster Small Plan 9

John Johnson's been a prolific filmmaker who has more recently been a content creator on TikTok. Most of his films are no-budget affairs, but this movie is a big step up, as he shot on 35mm and used some known actors like Brian Krause (Sleepwalkers, Charmed) and Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 From Outer Space) in this re-imagining of Ed Wood's infamous flick. You can also find another movie from Johnson on Tubi, Skeleton Key 3 Part 2.


8 Ball Clown Poster Small 8-Ball Clown

This is a really bizarre movie, but what would you expect from a flick supposedly directed by a kid about a drug-addled clown? The late Butterfly Kisses director Erik Myers supposedly had something to do with this movie Jimmyo Burril possibly directing it under a pseudonym since he wrote and directed the sequel, but I don't know for sure. If you like gritty movies that make you feel dirty after watching them, this might be up your alley.


I always used to point out a ludicrous movie at the end of the articles, so here's one on Tubi you can dig into:

Shark Side of the Moon: Do you need more than the name? Okay, here's the logline: "Decades ago, the USSR developed unkillable sharks and launched them to the moon. Today, a team of American astronauts will endure the fight of their lives." I mean...if the movie is half as bad as the logline, this is gonna make you spit your beer out of your mouth a dozen times.


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RJ MacReady digs horror movies, even though his first memory of horror films is watching the first Friday the 13th movie while a bear mauled his family in the other room. He admits that most of his bio is as fake as his moniker, but witness protection won't let him use his real name.
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