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Strippers Vs Werewolves Dvd Cover


Welcome to the world of Strippers Vs Werewolves

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The World of Strippers Vs Werewolves #1: Meet the Werewolves


The second in our exclusive features on the forthcoming Strippers Vs Werewolves sees us meet the ones of the fairer sex, but not fairer disposition. They might be scantily clad, but they pack a punch as tough as any nightclub bouncer. Meet the Strippers.



Chastity 01


“Scott, I think I might have given you… something”

Justice (“of course that’s my real name!”) is a girl living in denial. At 27 she’s found the man of her dreams, handsome estate agent Scott, and is ready to settle down and start a family. Only she hasn’t told him that she doesn’t work the night shift at the local animal rescue centre (though she deals with her fair share of animals) – she’s a stripper at the Vixens strip club in Croydon.

Strong-minded and level-headed, Justice is a natural leader and the other girls at the club look to her for guidance. When she’s confronted by a horny werewolf her mind turns to fight rather than flight and she stabs the lusty lycanthrope through the eye with a silver fountain pen.

Justice thinks her life couldn’t get any more screwed up after the monstrous murder, but when the werewolf’s buddies come looking for bloody retribution, she realises that her seemingly-perfect fiancé might just be one too.

Justice is played by popular television actress Adele Silva whose recent film credits include DogHouse opposite Noel Clarke and Danny Dyer and How To Stop Being A Loser with Richard E Grant and Sheridan Smith.


Raven 01 RAVEN

“You can speak 17 languages… including fox!”

Mysterious and enigmatic goth chick Raven looks like the archetypal Eastern European sex bomb with her dark sexy eyes and impossibly curvaceous figure. But looks can be deceiving as StarCrash fan Raven is actually an aloof, introverted nerd, desperately in love with her wannabe vampire hunter boyfriend Sinclair. So when Sinclair tells her it isn’t her its him, she decides to try and make herself look more normal in an attempt to win back his nerdy heart.

Raven is portrayed by curvy Hostel star Barbara Nedeljakova, who has recently appeared in the new Children of the Corn movie as well as in Pimp opposite Danny Dyer.


Dani 01 DANI

“Do you mind if I pass out now?”

Dani is the Vixens' sweetheart – ditzy, not especially switched on and very, very blonde, she enjoys working at the club, feeling that she brings light into the dark world of Croydon’s voyeuristic perverts. But just lately she’s taken rather a shine to the club’s brooding bouncer, Franklin. And Dani being Dani she has decided to win him over by making him a pair of solid silver knuckle dusters with his name engraved on them at her Adult Education Class.

Dani is played by beautiful TV acress Ali Bastian, well known from The Bill and Hollyoaks and as one of the most popular contestants on Strictly Come Dancing.


Jeanette 01 JEANETTE

“Touching the girls is strictly forbidden”

Glamorous club owner Jeanette opened Vixens as her retirement fund. Thirty years ago she was a dancer in a club called The SilvaDollarz in Essex. It was owned by a pack of werewolves headed by Tapper and Jeanette’s then boyfriend Jack. Jeanette, Harry the Barman and some of the other girls blew the club up in order to contain the lycanthropic menace and, ever since, she has been on her guard.

When one of her girls kills a werewolf in the club, Jeanette is the one who knows how to deal with the fanged, furry menace and she encourages the girls to stand and fight, rather than running away.

Cult movie icon Sarah Douglas plays Jeanette. Perhaps best remembered as sexy villain Ursa opposite Christopher Reeve in the Superman films, Sarah’s other movie credits include Conan The Destroyer, Return of the Living Dead 3, The People That Time Forgot and Return of the Swamp Thing as well as the classic TV series V.


Carrie 01 CARRIE

“Nobody wants to see magic in a strip club”

Sexy blonde Carrie has had it with stripping. She started doing it to pay her bills while training to be a magician and got kind of… carried away! Finally realising that enough is enough she asks Jeanette to help her and the obliging Strip den mother offers her a job as club magician. Unfortunately for Carrie, the punters would much rather see her clothes vanishing than anything else, but she gamely battles on.

Carrie is played by beautiful newcomer Charlie Bond, making her screen debut. Formerly an illusionist and burlesque performer, Charlie has since gone on to star in gritty British crime films White Collar Hooligan and Riot and graces the cover of next month’s issue of The DarkSide magazine.



“She stuck it in his eye… in his EYE!!”

New girl chastity thought stripping was going to be easy – with her exotic, dusky looks and man-melting curves the job should have been a strip in the park. But on her first night she’s carrying a bottle of champagne into a private booth (dressed as an angel, as you do) for one of the other girls and she’s confronted by a corpse with a pen stuck in one eye and a particularly persistent erection. Chastity crumbles and never really recovers, taking to grabbing punters and screaming at them about the horrors she has witnessed.

Chastity is played by busy indie film actress Rita Ramnani, best know for her recurring role in the ‘Jack’ trilogy of films in which she has starred opposite Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Dexter Fletcher and Simon Phillips. Other credits include Umbrage, White Collar Hooligan and The Last Seven.



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Strippers Vs Werewolves is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 7th May 2012. You can pre-order by clicking the cover images below.

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