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Tips to Have the Best PC Horror Gaming Experience

Every gamer knows that your gadget or console plays a huge role in how you enjoy a game. This is even more important in the horror genre, as having cutting-edge graphics and a powerful device can make or break the overall experience. After all, it's hard to appreciate a good scare if you're dealing with glitches and low-quality graphics — whether you're fighting for your survival in Darkwood, or shooting zombies in The Last of Us. Undoubtedly, PCs are one of the best devices for you to play video games. Not only do they give you more customization options than consoles, but you'll also be able to play a virtually unlimited number of games.

If you're a PC gamer and horror fan, here are some tips to maximize your gaming experience:

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Keep your computer tidy and dust-free

Cleaning your computer will help it run more smoothly for longer before having to let it rest. While you can take precautions like keeping it away from dirty areas or using dust filters, your PC will inevitably catch dust at some point. As such, make it a point to keep the interior clean, especially the fan vents. This will prevent your computer from overheating and suddenly shutting down on you. It’s recommended that you do some light cleaning every three to six months, and deep-clean every six to twelve months to maintain peak performance. Give your screen, keyboard, and mouse a good wipe too for a better experience.

Fast internet is key

Typically, you should only be concerned about hardware and drivers. But if you’re playing an online horror game like Phasmophobia and Dead By Daylight, you’ll need to consider your internet speed as well. Like we mentioned, it won’t be an enjoyable experience if jump scares lag or if it affects your reaction time. The best kind of wired connection is with a fiber-optic cable, as it uses light signals compared to traditional cable lines that use electric signals. Fast internet will help immerse you in the horror game experience even more.

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Consider upgrading your graphics card

The GPU is what makes the magic happen, as it’s in charge of image processing. The better the GPU, the higher the resolution and the more efficient the gameplay is. For horror games, this also means enjoying sharper details and better animation. There are several powerful GPUs on Adorama, including the EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and MSI GTX 1660 SUPER Ventus. With various features such as overclocking ability, NVIDIA G-SYNC and HDR, and ray tracing cores, these GPUs will take your horror gaming to the next level.

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Don’t forget to update

Game updates help improve the gaming experience. It fixes bugs, adds features and content, and even enhances a game with added content. Some updates may take longer than others, but this is because modern games are incredibly complex. Animations, textures, and music and sound effects tend to be included in these updates. Aside from that, you should update device drivers as well to help your computer run smoothly. Some problems you can encounter from outdated drivers include PC monitor display problems and a slower computer. Updating both your game and software components will ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Overclock your CPU and GPU

Overclocking is essentially running your CPU and GPU at a higher speed than what the manufacturers intended. TechRadar states how it might be difficult for beginners to do, as it’s an aggressive process. But as long as you carefully follow instructions, you’ll be able to boost your CPU and GPU’s performance with this technique. Not all CPUs and GPUs can be overclocked, however, so double-check their capabilities before you try it. And since overclocking generates a lot of heat, make sure you have a good cooling system, too.


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