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Tshirtbordello.com Review

Written by Steve Pattee

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I've been a fan of Tshirtbordello.com's product for years. I remember my first purchase from the company was about five years ago when I picked up a The Overlook Hotel shirt and a Bates Motel ashtray from its booth at HorrorFind Weekend. I was immediately smitten with the product. Not just because the shirt was a true fat-boy XXL (and not some of this "fitted" shit some other companies pass off as double x), but I just loved the design of the tee. It's one of those things that fans of the genre are immediately going to 'get', where others are just going to think it's a novelty vacation tee.

I've been meaning to do a review for Tshirtbordello.com for a while now. Probably close to a year. But two things stopped me: I had never done a clothing product review and I had no idea what to talk about. I guess that could be one big thing. But then it dawned on me, I could talk about how goddamn durable these shirts are. Or the great customer service. The solid pricing comes to mind, as does the comfort. There's a lot of stuff I can gush about.

I should talk about the durability of these shirts first, as if you are going to buy something, you are no doubt wanting it to last a while (food and drink notwithstanding). I own at least ten (probably more) shirts from Tshirtbordello.com ranging in age from five years to five months, and I kid you not, you can't tell which one I bought first. They just hold both their shape and their design that well. Remember back in the day (and I'm talking to Generation X now) when you'd go to the beach or some vacation hole that specialized in tourist trapping and you'd get yourself a sweet shirt with an iron-on? And remember how that damn iron-on was the shit until about two months later when it was a faded pile of goo? You won't find that here. My Overlook Hotel shirt is still going strong after five years or more, and I wear that sucker all the time. That's pretty damn impressive.


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The design mix at Tshirtbordello.com is impressive, as well. The company doesn't restrict itself just to horror-themed shirts — there are tees with themes of  Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, Star Trek, Chocolatey candies and more, so there's a little something for everyone (with a love for dark humor). But I find the best of Tshirtbordello.com's product is the range from subtle to in-your-face. I prefer the more subtle works of the tees like the aforementioned Overlook Hotel (pint glass available),  Amity Island, Camp Crystal Lake, or Winchester Tavern (and you know damn well that a pint glass is available for this one as well). But if you like to express your love for the genre a little more boldly, Tshirtbordello has you covered for that, too. You can get your Homicider, Boomstick Double Stout, or Doppleganger Double Stout. Having own those two double stout shirts, I can say the colors still pop on them after numerous washings. For those that know what this stuff means, Tshirtbordello.com only screen prints its shirts on heavy weight, 100% cotton tees. I'm pretty sure that this is just fancy talk for, "These are pretty damn comfy and you can was the shit out of these without them fading."

I've met owner Don Myers two or three times at his booth at various horror conventions and he's always been very cordial and extremely helpful. Okay, full disclosure, on two of those occasions he was offering his customers delicious Hostess treats. And while sweet treats are enough to get high marks in customer service in my book, there was one occasion where I screwed up on an order from the company (on a birthday gift, no less) and Don quickly and efficiently took care of me. As much as I love ho-hos, his handling of my mishap to make the entire process trouble-free was what really bought my love for this small company.

Here at Horror DNA, we are big fans of the person or business going against the grain of the mega-corporations, and Tshirtbordello.com fits that bill. The quality of both the product and the customer service is top notch and the next time you would do well to check them out when you are looking for that next stand-out shirt (or pint glass) that isn't found in any mall or mega-store.

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