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2017 11 04 Dirty Tuppence

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Written by Warren Speed

So it’s November 2017 and I’m currently in pre-production for what will be my fifth feature film. And to be honest I can’t really believe it. I first decided I wanted to make movies when I was twelve years old and was living in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (my dad worked for Shell Oil). I wrote my first novel while there, an awful but inspirational tale about a footballer before the days of million dollar salaries.

My fifth movie is provisionally titled Dirty Tuppence and is a comedy horror about the most deluded rock band on the planet, a hopeless serial killer, a pair of absent-minded Private Investigators and a cast of ridiculous eccentrics. Stars in the movie include UK TV legend Joe Pasquale, Pete “Big Brother” Bennett, the world’s most followed (on social media, I don’t mean by stalkers) alternative model Dani Divine and me, playing a wheelchair-bound rock drummer. The movie also has a cameo from the UK's leading Guns n' Roses trubute band, Guns 2 Roses.


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I’ve just been a special guest at the MCM London Comic Con and wow, it was amazing! We were there to promote awareness of the kickstarter campaign for Dirty Tuppence, but I also took the chance to do some roving interviews with celebs such as Jason Flemyng, Dani Filth and Joe Pasquale (the one with Joe actually led to him being added to the cast).

We plan to shoot the bulk of Dirty Tuppence in February 2018, mainly so our SFX guys (headed by Mark Danbury and Mike Peel, who have TV and movie credits between them including The League of Gentlemen, V for Vendetta and Casino Royale), can put together some awesome and gory props. Most of the cast, locations and everything else we’ll need for the shoot are already in place. The only thing lacking now is very minor… The actual money to make it. Hence the Kickstarter campaign, which has some wonderful perks if I do say so myself, including meet & greets with Joe, Pete and Dani and also with my 6’6” Great Dane – Otis (named after Otis B.Driftwood from Rob Zombie’s first two movies), who actually has a speaking role in the film!


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Besides pre-production for Dirty Tuppence, we are also gearing up to promote my fourth movie, Coulrophobia, which is released in the UK on 13th November 2017 through LunaRock Distribution (and worldwide in February 2018 by North American company WWMM). This one is a disturbing horror about a group of roller derby girls (the all-action roller skating sport), who go camping in the remote Scottish highlands, only to be abducted by a crazy family of on-the-run circus performers - which leads to all hell breaking loose and a bucketful of splattery deaths and crazy challenges!

LunaRock is also re-releasing my second movie Zombie Women of Satan 2, again on Nov 13. The sequel to my loved and loathed first film which still managed to achieve 1.9M views when someone illegally uploaded it to YouTube (and it wasn’t me!)


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One thing I’m not ashamed to talk about is my bipolar mental health disorder, although I don’t see it as a disorder at all. I see it more like a super power! When I’m on the “up” (rather than the “down”), I can manage for three or four days on only two hours sleep and my creativity and productivity goes through the roof. I’m sure my brain processing actually speeds up significantly, and in all honesty I’d much rather be bipolar than not! And after my diagnosis around twelves years ago, I now know how to maximise the benefits of the condition, while minimizing the disadvantages. For example, I physically collapsed with exhaustion on my first three films and I now know I must have six hours sleep a night during actual filming blocks!

If you’d like to really help me and my production team out in a very awesome way please have a look through our kickstarter campaign for Dirty Tuppence. Not only are we trying to raise the budget to actually produce the film properly, but we’re also hoping to smash the target so we can also significantly improve the SFX in the script.



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