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Interview conducted by James Ferguson

Indie comics sensation Halloween Man has done quite a lot over his career, fighting all sorts of supernatural creatures. In The Valentine's Day that Time Forgot, the first new comic of 2020, he'll face off against something he's never seen before...dinosaurs. That's right, folks, Halloween Man is going Jurassic. I had a chance to speak with writer Drew Edwards about the project in the midst of his IndieGoGo campaign to fund its release.

James Ferguson: Halloween Man has encountered all sorts of monsters over his storied 19 year career. What brings him to fight dinosaurs in The Valentine's Day that Time Forgot?

Drew Edwards: Great question! I think with a lot of horror fans, our love of monsters turns us towards dinosaurs at some point in our lives. With me, it really started with the original King Kong, which in turn got me to read stuff like Doyle’s Lost World and Burroughs’ Caspak novels. I was also really into cryptozoology and things like that kid. So, the idea that prehistoric animals might have survived really fascinated me.

So, I really wanted to tell that kind of story, but because Halloween Man is sat in a world where the supernatural is very real, I do crazy things like vampire cavemen. Undead dinosaurs. The sort of genre blending really makes a Halloween Man story...well… a Halloween Man story.

Also, we’re using this new mythology to open up the scope of the Halloween Man universe.

We’re nearing our 20th anniversary, so world-building has become really important to me. This story allows us to open up 2020 in the biggest way possible. I mean what could be bigger than dinosaurs? And it’s not going to be just a fun little jaunt into this subgenre. It’s going to have lasting ramifications for the whole series.

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JF: As adults, we don't talk about dinosaurs enough. It was a constant topic of conversation as a child. What is your favorite dinosaur?

DE: It’s probably kind of a boring answer, but Tyrannosaurus Rex is hands down my favorite! As a child, I think it’s hard to not get lost in the visual power of the T-Rex, with its massive head and mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

However, I think if anything, I like this creature more than I did as a kid. If even half of the current theories about Tyrannosaurus are correct, it was a truly amazing animal and more than worthy of appearing in my comic. I ended up going pretty deep down into research mode for this. Probably far more than was necessary. But I wanted to make sure the creatures weren’t just pale echoes of the Jurassic Park films.

JF: How did the art team come together for Halloween Man: Valentine's Day that Time Forgot?

DE: Outside of April Guadiana, who has been a regular collaborator for a few years now, the creative team is mostly made up of fellow Austinites.

I’ve known our cover artist, JTA, for the better part of a decade. We actually both used to work set security on the Friday Night Lights TV Show. I’ve always wanted to have him come in for some covers and this seemed like a perfect fit.

Jason Wilson, I actually met through my wife Jamie’s band Danger*Cakes. He has been seeing her drummer Sarah for the better part of a year. Jason is actually a big reason this year came together the way it did. Like me, he also has a big enthusiasm for dinosaurs. It really helped having someone that was 100 percent down to dive into that world.

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JF: I would ask if there are any other monsters you want to put Halloween Man up against, but that could spoil future stories. Let's go the crossover route instead. What comic character would you like to see him fight or team up with?

DE: Well, as I said I’ve been doing Halloween Man for nearly 20 years and the one question that has come up consistently is who would win in a between him and Hellboy. So, I think it would be a lot of fun to finally answer that question.

I do have a pretty clear-cut idea of how they’d interact. A lot of people seem to think they’d be chummy, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think Solomon would see Hellboy as a bureaucrat whose government-sponsored status allows him more acceptance by the public. And I’m pretty sure Hellboy would see Solomon as reckless, maybe even out of control at times. That kind of oil and water relationship could make for some pretty funny interactions.

At the same time, they do have similarities, and because of that, comparisons will always be drawn. That’s fuel for a rivalry. I think you could build this into a classic match-up like the old “Thing vs. Hulk” comics that Marvel used to do.

Now, personally I’d LOVE to do a crossover with IDW’s Ghostbusters comics. That would be a dream come true for me.

Horror DNA would like to thank Drew Edwards for taking the time to speak with us. Drew is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the release of Halloween Man: The Valentine's Day That Time Forgot.


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