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Hunt A Killer: Whodonut? A Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Game Game Review

Written by Steve Pattee

Released by Hunt A Killer

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Developed by Hunt A Killer
Game released July 1st, 2022


My friends and I have a tradition. Every Friday (well, every Friday pre-Covid; now it’s some Fridays) we get together at a friend’s house (fellow reviewer, Robert Gold) and eat dinner and hang out. Most of the time we watch b-movies and MST3K them, but sometimes we’ll play a game. Ever since I received Hunt A Killer’s game for review, I’ve wanted to play it with my pals. Finally, after some missed opportunities, we were able to give it a go. Little did we know what we were in for.

Hunt A Killer’s latest game, Whodonut? A Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Game is a lot of fun to have with a group of friends. It’s unique in that before you can even start investigating the crime, you have to put together a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. Why? Because it’s part of the crime scene and contains clues as you go about solving the mystery. Fair warning, there is no picture of the puzzle prior to putting it together. You’re going into this blind. Some will not like this, and I can see why. But my take is it really adds to the mystery and makes solving it that much harder.

The first Friday we attempted to solve Whodonut?, there were three of us: fellow reviewer Robert Gold, Mrs. Gold (Robert’s lady), and myself. We figured between the three of us, we could finish the game in 60 minutes or so, especially since the box promises it's a 45-60 minute mystery. Two hours later, we were still putting the puzzle together. Don’t get me wrong, putting together the puzzle is certainly fun if you like puzzles, but I admit to being surprised at the length of time it took. That 45-60 minute promise is for after you put the puzzle together, so fair warning. I suspect not having any reference as to what the puzzle’s picture was certainly didn’t make things speedier. At a certain point, we decided Robert and his wife would finish the puzzle that week, and we would solve the crime the following Friday. I should also note that whenever I say “Robert, Mrs. Gold and I” regarding the puzzle, I just mean Mrs. Gold. She did the vast majority of it while Robert and I did nothing but chitchat. The puzzle itself has five ‘dummy’ pieces, which substitute for the ‘real’ pieces you unlock as you solve portions of the case.

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The following Friday we got together again, and using the provided notes from the lead detective and sussing it through, we were able to determine a suspect and motive. Basically, you have to answer a series of multiple-choice questions which in turn reveal a new piece for the almost-finished puzzle. Eventually, you replace the five ‘dummy’ pieces with the correct ones and the whole picture (no pun intended) becomes clear.

The answers to the questions are interesting in that some are right there in the notes and some you have to use a little deductive reasoning. Also, if you get in a pinch and can’t figure out an answer, Hunt A Killer provides online hints to keep you moving, as well as a full-on answer in a sealed envelope if you get too stuck.

If there’s one issue with the game, it’s that realistically it can only be played once because it only has one killer and one motive. It’s not like Clue, where the killer, method and location will change each game. But with an MSRP of $31.99, that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, if only for the puzzle. Checking on Amazon, thousand-piece puzzles go anywhere from $14.99 - $24.99. Even going by the low-end, you’re getting a fun game for $15 more, so the price is incredibly reasonable. Also, once we solved the mystery, we went to a secret link on Hunt A Killer’s website where a coupon was offered for $10 off our next purchase. That’s a solid deal. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact you can really only play it once.

Overall, though, Whodonut? A Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Game is a great way to spend some time with friends. It’s a unique experience that gives your brain a good workout. And while you can easily play it on your own, it’s much more fun to work on the mystery with your friends at you own Friday Fun. But, seriously, give the Mrs. Gold in your group a break and don’t have her do all the lifting.

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Overall: 4 Star Rating Cover
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